House Buying Tips

It’s the biggest purchase of your life, and small mistakes can cost you greatly. So we have developed a house buying battle plan, with over 50 of tips ‘ n ‘ top tricks.

This guide includes how to squeeze sellers for information, hidden costs, a Deal-breaker list, tips on lawyers/surveyors and 10 Ultimate-ditch questions to ask.


Should I buy it?

If the house price craze had a World Cup, Britain would elevate the trophy. Housing prices have been steady over the past two years, adding more pressure to anyone who tries to buy. However, customers need to take a break and ask what, when and if they buy.

Customers should focus on whether the purchase is available and the right decision in the long run, rather than panic over the house or cave prices in the UK “must-own, must-own” mindset.

Few people predicted precisely the end of the house price boom in 2007 and no one really knows what will happen to home prices in the coming years. It is better to concentrate on financial security greater than risking financial ruin in a desperate attempt to get to the staircase of the house.

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Look at the neighborhood

No matter how luxurious the pad, savers is unanimous that the site counts. You can not move a house to another place, but you can do it.

So they prowl the neighborhood on foot, looking for clues. Visit the parks and pubs at different times of the day. Are the cars clean and well maintained? Do you like local shops? Are the walls scribbled with graffiti?

Get the truth from the locals and ask a local Bobby coordinator or neighborhood. If you are a newcomer, stay in a local bed and breakfast or Airbnb room to get a real feel of the area.

Police mapping sites show local hotspots and break recorded crimes such as theft and anti-social behavior. In other places, there is free information about school league tables and even noise level controls.