Tips for looking beautiful in photos

Tips for looking beautiful in photos

Do not just rock in the wedding, everyone wants to shine in the photos too.

So here are some tips to look beautiful in every picture:

– Relax the jaw and place the tongue in the bottom of the sky of the mouth. This helps to reduce the “gills”;

– Still to reduce the “gills” project the neck slightly forward;

– Lift your chin gently to gain a more powerful appearance and disguise the dark circles;

– If you have a very round face, remember, at the time of the photos, that your best angle is the profile;

– Smile naturally and spontaneously;

– Never, NEVER, take pictures making a little pout;

– If the intention is to look a mouthful, use a very glossy lip gloss and leave the lips slightly open;

– Invest in a good makeup, preferably opaque, so as not to look greasy-looking;

– If you have the arms “advanced”, do not attach them to the body, because they will appear to be even bigger;

Beneficent Wedding

This is an idea that fits very well for those newlyweds who already live together or, for any other reason, already have a home furnished and equipped and exempt wedding gifts.

The suggestion is to clarify already in the invitation that the grooms suggest that the presents are given in the form of donation. This donation can be in the form of money, which will be applied in some social project (it is legal to announce what the project is) or in the form of products that will be donated. Eg: Basic basket, toys, diapers, used clothes, etc.

It is nice, after the wedding, to publish photos of the delivery of the money or products to the favored entity. Not that this is obligatory, but it makes clear to all the guests that the donations have arrived at the deserved destiny.

For those who choose to receive donations in cash, the wish list of Soon Married is a good form of collection to be quite simple and practical.

Czech Requiem for the Portuguese Forest

The eyes also shuddered and those of Martina Videnová did not want to believe when, a few years ago, on a walk along the Portuguese roads, they witnessed a dozen fires in two hours’ walk.

“I was shocked,” he tells JN. He felt that he “had to help in some way.” First he thought to take a documentary photography exhibition to Prague, but then came 2017 and with him “Portugal’s biggest ecological crisis”: a sixth of the country’s forest in ashes and more than a hundred dead, prostrate, in the collective memory national. The original idea imposed another gravity. It was when the Czech composer, who fell in love with Portugal because of the “musicality” of the language, thought to compose a “requiem to the Portuguese forest”. A requiem is a mass for the dead, a musical composition usually played at funerals. Tomás Valle, the Porto who is helping production, describes the requiem as a tribute, but also as a “little provocation”, a call for an unresolved problem. She agreed to help Martina out of admiration and some “embarrassment,” seeing “someone outside doing this while we continue to look sideways.”

To be realized, the “Home is the Place Where Fire Burns” project is looking for funding on the “” platform. The idea is to record the composition on a disc and present it in concert, in a symbolic “room”: the scene of a recently burned forest. It also includes a photographic exhibition and a black and white video of the concert. It involves more than 60 people, including musicians from the Orchestra and the Choir of Casa da Música.

If you reach the goal – about 6 thousand euros – the album will be recorded in Porto next month. To JN, Martina Videnová says that the requiem is closed, is about nine minutes and is “minimalist”. “All this project is a huge responsibility,” he concluded.

Tunisia asks FIFA to summon goalkeepers

Tunisia’s team urged FIFA on Wednesday to allow them to summon another goalkeeper for the game with Panama, the last World Cup in 1818, as they have two of three injured goalkeepers called.

Ben Mustapha, who played in a 5-2 defeat by Belgium, suffered a knee injury while Moez Hassen, who played in the opening defeat by England, has complaints on his shoulder, so Aymen Mathlouthi is the only goalkeeper available for the African team, already eliminated from Group G.

“It is a dilemma for us. If FIFA does not approve another addition, we will find a solution, and maybe Aymen will be our only option,” said Nabil Maaloul, ahead of the last game against Panama.

FIFA rules do not allow changes to the 23 players called during the race, although a “force majeure” clause can work in favor of the Tunisians.

According to Maaloul, goalkeeper Moez Ben Cherifia of ES Tunis traveled to Moscow and is on his way to Saransk in case FIFA authorize entry.

Against Panama, Tunisia is looking for a first World Cup victory since 1978, and Maaloul said he was “proud to be coach of this team”.

5 Tips on How to Organize the House in a More Practical Way

6 years ahead of the program Santa Help, the GNT, Micaela Garcia, has told many stories and took housekeeping tips to viewers of the channel. And all this experience made the presenter launch the book with the same name of the attraction, by Globo Estilo (R $ 49.90).

The publication is divided by rooms, as well as episodes of the program. Micaela created the organization’s golden rules, which are used for everything and everyone. “What I have seen throughout the program seasons is that, despite the particularity of each story, there are traits common to all that can be translated as a recipe to be followed. And these are my precious tips, “he says.

In addition to the practical teachings to make everyday life easier, she proposes to the reader a reflection on the relationship that is had to the mess and the impact of this in the daily life of each one. “Your state of disorganization is an emotional pattern. You need to be patient with yourself to go back a long way. ”

A more organized life consumes less energy, reduces waste, saves money, and saves more time to spend on what really gives pleasure, she says. For her, being organized does not mean putting on life. On the contrary, it is a way of having more freedom.

To kick-start, be aware, you have to be aware that every process of change requires availability as well. A good idea, according to Micaela, is to start the organization with small projects that can be executed in a short time, instead of launching the challenge of organizing an entire house into a single project. “You do not have to take a vacation, stop working or consume your weekend of rest. You just have to want to change, commit to yourself and act, “he advises.


Check out five tips from Michele to organize your home:

Riparia: Complete sets

Gather the sets of sheets and towels and separate the loose ones. Sets folded into one volume make every day easier. When organizing the shelf, make one stack for the complete ones and another for the single ones. Another tip is to store the set of sheets inside one of the pillowcases.

Nursery: Second height

A good tip is to split the cupboard or bookcase spans into two by installing an intermediate shelf. Instead of a single space, you get two floors to deposit your dishes. Always place heavy parts underneath. And leave ahead of the most used.

Laundry: shelves and brooms

Install countertops and shelves. You can accommodate everything you need when installing: powder soap, fabric softener, brushes, etc. Let everything in sight and easy to catch. countertops are fundamental to the job. In it, we can support buckets and basins during activities and even separate clothes. Also, install a holder for brooms and hooks for cleaning utensils.

Festivities: table arrangement

Arrange the table so that everyone can serve. That way, you, as host, will not have to worry about picking up plates, glasses, and cutlery all the time. A good suggestion is to provide crockery of unbreakable material, suitable for barbecues. Put everything at the guests’ disposal and do not forget the napkins.

Kitchen: food

Glass or acrylic pots of good quality are the best solutions for storing foods that have been opened. They do not smell, preserve the grains better and are easier to clean. Choose transparent to see the content better. Identify in pots what is being stored. It’s important to quickly visualize what you have there.


Benefits of drawing

Drawing is not an attitude that should be confined to art classes or the children’s world. According to the website of Abra (Brazilian School of Art and Design), drawing is a relaxing activity, but it has countless benefits.

For example, drawing enhances the individual’s self-esteem, manual ability, and visual perception.

The professor and director of Abra, Laerte Galasso, recalls in an article available on the website of the institution that: “the drawing can also be applied as a professional activity , because there are today about thirty professions linked in some way to the Drawing, notably in the areas Fashion, Architecture, Visual Communication, Design, Fine Arts, Art Education, Teaching, Khartoum, Street Art, Computer Graphics, among others.

The teacher states categorically that having a gift for drawing is a great myth and that a good designer not only acts in the area of realism but also can follow the line of the abstract using shapes, volumes, lines and colors to express themselves through the drawings.

Galasso further explains that “drawing depends very much on the purpose and, above all, on the personality of the student. That is, there is no point in “forcing” the student to learn the realistic drawing if his tendencies and personality are more directed to a looser and more expressive drawing.


Meet the new Ryzen Pro, AMD processors for notebooks and PCs

AMD announced last Monday (14) seven new Ryzen Pro processors, intended primarily for desktop and notebook professional profile. The models are divided into four desktop products and three laptop versions, all with second-generation architecture and integrated Vega graphics processor – which strengthens products against competitors’ Intel options.

The manufacturer also talked about the development of the second generation of Threadripper, which comes on the market in the second half. For now, the manufacturer did not disclose information regarding the price of the news.

here are three new Ryzen Pro notebooks, the Ryzen 3 Pro 2300U being the simplest on the list. The model has four cores, without SMT (the “Hyper-Threading” of AMD ), six computational units of the graphics card and speed that oscillates between 2.5 and 3.4 GHz.

A little above is the Ryzen 5 Pro 2500U, which is also quad-core, but has SMT enabled, and can act as an octa-core in certain situations. The number of graphics processing units also rises to eight and speeds are between 2.0 and 3.6 GHz.

Finally, the Ryzen 7 Pro 2700U, with the same four cores and SMT activated, has as great differential the reinforcement of the GPU, which adds 10 computational units. Speeds are also higher, ranging from 2.2 to 3.8 GHz. According to AMD, the Pro 2700U is 22% faster than the Core i7 8550U, Intel’s premium model for notebooks at the moment.

It is worth remembering that because they are aimed at notebooks, processors cannot be purchased separately – unlike desktop models. According to AMD, manufacturers such as Dell, HP and Lenovo are expected to present products with these processors over the next few days.

What is Tumblr? its Blog?

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform around the world that serves as space for bloggers to share videos, images, music, text, and a lot of gifs – with a social networking footprint, of course, including even the famous tanned Facebook. On the platform, each user has their own page/blog, which has a customizable design with different templates that allows editing HTML, creating unique sites.

Blog posts are often short and every user can comment and enjoy posts from other users. The Tumblr is easily accessed by the browser as our Facebook and Twitter, but also has applications for Android and iOS that facilitate the way to connect.

Although it has a different footprint from other blog platforms like WordPress and is more focused on short posts, Tumblr does not even become a microblog, like Twitter. Tumblr is explained as a space to celebrate creativity. “We want you to express yourself freely and use Tumblr to reflect who you are, what you like and what you believe in,” says the About page.

Much of Tumblr’s control and administration functions are accessible through the Dashboard interface, which allows the user to create new posts and change characteristics of their space on the network. many tips about how to untrack tags on Tumblr

In addition, it presents a timeline with posts of Tumblrs that the user follows, allowing the sharing, tastings, and comments.

Tumblr started in 2007 and is currently available in Portuguese and 15 languages. In total, the service hosts 304 million blogs that together total 136.6 billion posts.

Seven Unbeatable Tips for Perfect Hairstyles

Weddings, parties or any other celebrations call for more elaborate productions and, of course, stylish hairstyles. Want to know the secrets not to make mistakes? Check out the following tips from the expert Sylvio Rezende!

1- Where to seek inspiration?

In addition to finding ideas for hairstyles at CABELOS & CIA, stay tuned for hair fashion events that always bring proposals on stages and stands. It pays to warn customers to take a test before avoiding unpleasant surprises. It is a tactic that works for brides and can be adopted at other events. Although it is a test, you will need some time in your schedule. On average, the amount charged for this service is half the value of the finished hairstyle.

2- How to prepare the hair?

Wash thoroughly and avoid using creams and oils, especially if they are thin and oily. Lightly dry and apply musse (the amount is the size of a ping-pong ball if it is of medium length). Spray heat shield and proceed to brush. Wrap bobs or make waves with the board to conquer firm curls.

3- Hairstyles trapped or loose?

The choice of hairstyle depends on the style of the person and the type of party. I usually point out prisoners for mothers and godmothers. In the case of trainees and debutantes, semiprecious, like cascade, or lateral prisoners. If it’s curly, I recommend a coke chignon, which will last the whole party. In this case, brush and plate beforehand.

4- What to do for smooth does not fall?

The hair should be washed, but not receive conditioner or mask. And after drying, you should apply mousse to the root. Next, a model with Babyliss and, finally, spray with the dry jet.

5- When to apply the fixative?

To begin with, never use it near the dryer to avoid hardening the wire and if the professional wants to comb or undo the modeling, it will embarrass and cause frizz. The ideal is to spray at a distance of at least 10 cm from the hair for about five seconds. During the assembly of the hairstyle, I use a dry and smooth jet. In the end, I use the super force to last the whole party.

6- How to disguise the fanning ears?

The main tip is to not pull the hair back, not to emphasize them. I suggest keeping some wires down in the front or leaving them cuter over the ears, helping to disguise. That is, the hairs should be loose and not glued to the head.

7- Worth investing in accessories?

Moderately, yes. The extensions can be rented or sold by professionals to increase hairstyles, especially if the client has little hair. In case she has her own application, the hairdresser may charge an extra fee for placement. Each salon has its price, but it should never exceed 30% of the value of the service to be feasible. Already tiaras, buckles, and broches are option to harmonize with the dress and usually they are brought by the person. However, it is good to also have some models at your disposal.

More hairstyle:

Fla suffers, wins the Emelec and is in the octaves of the Liberators

With around in advance, Group 4 is set with Fla and River in the next round of the World Cup. Decision by the first place of the key will be in the duel between the two in Argentina

The reunion could not be better. Backed by the Nation for the first time in the Libertadores-2018, Flamengo made some scares in the crowd, but defeated Emelec 2-0 in Maracanã and secured the classification for the octaves with a round in advance. The win goals were Everton Ribeiro.

In the last round, Rubro-Negro goes to Buenos Aires to visit River Plate. A win in Argentina will give the team of Maurício Barbieri the leadership of Group 4. The duel will be at Monumental de Nuñez on May 23 at 21:45.

After five rounds, Flamengo have nine points, while the Argentine club adds 11. Santa Fe, four points, and Emelec, with one, face each other at the same time in Ecuador. The third place of the key will go to the South American Cup.


Although 0 to 0 persisted in the first stage, there was no shortage of chances for both sides. The Flamengo had the tough posture that is charged by the fans, but ran into individual errors early in the game. Even so, Vinicius Júnior was the owner of the first great opportunity. After winning at the speed of the defender, the striker shared with goalkeeper Dreer and the ball went over the goal.

Emelec responded on counter-attacks provided by Fla. The inattention in the middle in some moments almost was not expensive. Matamoros and Rojas bothered on the right. There was no quality in the final pass.

After the scares, it was chance behind of chance wasted by Flamengo. Two only with Juan, who just did not score headfirst was Dreer did a miracle and the ball still hit the crossbar. Everton Ribeiro, Paquetá and Dourado also finished in danger, but they were not happy.


From the bleachers came the Flamengo fuel. Back on the Libertadores after two games with closed gates, the fans pushed the team from the warm up on the lawn. But not all athletes in the field pleased, especially while the score was unchanged. Every time Diego passes, many complaints. Despite this, the jacket 10 was not omitted.

Upon being replaced in the final stage, Diego divided the Maraca between boos and applause.

On the other hand, Lucas Paquetá, Renê and Cuéllar are very moral. The first, despite some wrong passes, continued to receive applause. The left-back and the Colombian gained support in the layout. The two had outstanding defensive performances, with many stolen ball.


Renê still went well to attack. The shirt 6 tabled with Vinicius Júnior, invaded the area and crossed back. Diego tried, but the ball offered to Everton Ribeiro, who dropped a left-foot bomb to blow the Maracanã of joy in the two minutes of the final stage. Relief and red-black party.

Just not. After the goal, Flamengo lost control of the game. You missed incredible odds. The most unbelievable was with Vini Jr. The Reaper was with the ball, but who touched it was the defender of the Emelec, which left the shirt 20 in legal condition. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. Delayed, the boy broke into the area, but kicked badly in Dreer’s hand.

After that, the game became crazy. The team lost goal after goal and made the Nation suffer with the attacks of Emelec. The experience of Diego Alves was decisive. Shirt 1 made providential saves and held the game when needed.