10 Tips for Organizing Makeups

How do you take care of your make items? Do you have everything tidy up or does it kinda get thrown in a drawer? If you are a fan of the second option, how about taking some time just to organize makeup ?

In addition to keeping the space in order, organizing make you have a better view of the items you have, use certain products more frequently and save time when you make up, since you do not have to break your head to find that lipstick that knows- where he left off.

How to select make
1) Start by putting together all the makeup items you own. Look in the drawers, bags, backpacks and everything else where you can find a lost make;

2) Once all products have been gathered, check the expiration date of each one of them and discard everything that is already expired. Wearing makeup late can be harmful to your skin, so do not even think about taking chances;

3) Take a special look also at repeated items or that you do not use. If they are sealed and by the expiration date you can try to sell them on some site like Enjoei . Another option is to give some friend who cuts the product;

4) Clean the packages with a damp cloth. If it is difficult to remove waste , use a tissue with a little makeup remover;

5) To clean the makeup brushes use specific products for this or follow the tutorial of the image below. After washing them, leave to dry in a place that does not beat the sun and never use the hair dryer. Ideally, to ensure greater durability of the brushes, is to do this cleaning every 15 days. Source: http://makeup-styles.org