Tips for looking beautiful in photos

Do not just rock in the wedding, everyone wants to shine in the photos too.

So here are some tips to look beautiful in every picture:

– Relax the jaw and place the tongue in the bottom of the sky of the mouth. This helps to reduce the “gills”;

– Still to reduce the “gills” project the neck slightly forward;

– Lift your chin gently to gain a more powerful appearance and disguise the dark circles;

– If you have a very round face, remember, at the time of the photos, that your best angle is the profile;

– Smile naturally and spontaneously;

– Never, NEVER, take pictures making a little pout;

– If the intention is to look a mouthful, use a very glossy lip gloss and leave the lips slightly open;

– Invest in a good makeup, preferably opaque, so as not to look greasy-looking;

– If you have the arms “advanced”, do not attach them to the body, because they will appear to be even bigger;