Intel Core M: Everything you need to know

Apple has just revealed its updated line of 12-inch MacBook laptops, which feature new and more powerful Intel Core M processors. Here’s everything you need to know.

Intel Core M is a big leap in portable processor technology. Not only does it allow manufacturers to create laptops with super fan-free designs, but ultimately unlock the fate of portable performance shoppers expect. Far are days of piddly processors that can hardly handle a spreadsheet: With the M base you can quite light tabs portions on your Web browser and work on email at the same time.

All of this means that manufacturers can design even thinner, lighter and quieter laptops without compromising the performance or battery life.

Intel Core M: What is it?

Intel is well known for its “tick-TOC ” Launch strategy, where breakthroughs in one-year manufacturing processes are followed by major changes in processor projects in the near future. The Broadwell family of chips introduced in 2014 was ostensibly a tick that marks the change of manufacturing processes from 22nm to 14Nm (although it could be argued that the new M Core family was, therefore “tick ” and “TOC “).

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The current Skylake standard is a ‘ TOC ‘, with a totally new micro-architecture, but using the same 14Nm process as Broadwell. Indeed, there is a new line of Core M chips that are now making their way into 2-in-1s and notebooks.

This reduction in the size of the transistors that make up the processor results in chips that require less power to do their thing, and less energy used means a longer battery life and less heat.

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