Benefits of drawing

Drawing is not an attitude that should be confined to art classes or the children’s world. According to the website of Abra (Brazilian School of Art and Design), drawing is a relaxing activity, but it has countless benefits.

For example, drawing enhances the individual’s self-esteem, manual ability, and visual perception.

The professor and director of Abra, Laerte Galasso, recalls in an article available on the website of the institution that: “the drawing can also be applied as a professional activity , because there are today about thirty professions linked in some way to the Drawing, notably in the areas Fashion, Architecture, Visual Communication, Design, Fine Arts, Art Education, Teaching, Khartoum, Street Art, Computer Graphics, among others.

The teacher states categorically that having a gift for drawing is a great myth and that a good designer not only acts in the area of realism but also can follow the line of the abstract using shapes, volumes, lines and colors to express themselves through the drawings.

Galasso further explains that “drawing depends very much on the purpose and, above all, on the personality of the student. That is, there is no point in “forcing” the student to learn the realistic drawing if his tendencies and personality are more directed to a looser and more expressive drawing.


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