5 Tips on How to Organize the House in a More Practical Way

6 years ahead of the program Santa Help, the GNT, Micaela Garcia, has told many stories and took housekeeping tips to viewers of the channel. And all this experience made the presenter launch the book with the same name of the attraction, by Globo Estilo (R $ 49.90).

The publication is divided by rooms, as well as episodes of the program. Micaela created the organization’s golden rules, which are used for everything and everyone. “What I have seen throughout the program seasons is that, despite the particularity of each story, there are traits common to all that can be translated as a recipe to be followed. And these are my precious tips, “he says.


In addition to the practical teachings to make everyday life easier, she proposes to the reader a reflection on the relationship that is had to the mess and the impact of this in the daily life of each one. “Your state of disorganization is an emotional pattern. You need to be patient with yourself to go back a long way. ”

A more organized life consumes less energy, reduces waste, saves money, and saves more time to spend on what really gives pleasure, she says. For her, being organized does not mean putting on life. On the contrary, it is a way of having more freedom.

To kick-start, be aware, you have to be aware that every process of change requires availability as well. A good idea, according to Micaela, is to start the organization with small projects that can be executed in a short time, instead of launching the challenge of organizing an entire house into a single project. “You do not have to take a vacation, stop working or consume your weekend of rest. You just have to want to change, commit to yourself and act, “he advises.


Check out five tips from Michele to organize your home:

Riparia: Complete sets

Gather the sets of sheets and towels and separate the loose ones. Sets folded into one volume make every day easier. When organizing the shelf, make one stack for the complete ones and another for the single ones. Another tip is to store the set of sheets inside one of the pillowcases.

Nursery: Second height

A good tip is to split the cupboard or bookcase spans into two by installing an intermediate shelf. Instead of a single space, you get two floors to deposit your dishes. Always place heavy parts underneath. And leave ahead of the most used.

Laundry: shelves and brooms

Install countertops and shelves. You can accommodate everything you need when installing: powder soap, fabric softener, brushes, etc. Let everything in sight and easy to catch. countertops are fundamental to the job. In it, we can support buckets and basins during activities and even separate clothes. Also, install a holder for brooms and hooks for cleaning utensils.

Festivities: table arrangement

Arrange the table so that everyone can serve. That way, you, as host, will not have to worry about picking up plates, glasses, and cutlery all the time. A good suggestion is to provide crockery of unbreakable material, suitable for barbecues. Put everything at the guests’ disposal and do not forget the napkins.

Kitchen: food

Glass or acrylic pots of good quality are the best solutions for storing foods that have been opened. They do not smell, preserve the grains better and are easier to clean. Choose transparent to see the content better. Identify in pots what is being stored. It’s important to quickly visualize what you have there.

Source: hgtvdecor.org