Fla suffers, wins the Emelec and is in the octaves of the Liberators

With around in advance, Group 4 is set with Fla and River in the next round of the World Cup. Decision by the first place of the key will be in the duel between the two in Argentina

The reunion could not be better. Backed by the Nation for the first time in the Libertadores-2018, Flamengo made some scares in the crowd, but defeated Emelec 2-0 in Maracanã and secured the classification for the octaves with a round in advance. The win goals were Everton Ribeiro.

In the last round, Rubro-Negro goes to Buenos Aires to visit River Plate. A win in Argentina will give the team of Maurício Barbieri the leadership of Group 4. The duel will be at Monumental de Nuñez on May 23 at 21:45.

After five rounds, Flamengo have nine points, while the Argentine club adds 11. Santa Fe, four points, and Emelec, with one, face each other at the same time in Ecuador. The third place of the key will go to the South American Cup.


Although 0 to 0 persisted in the first stage, there was no shortage of chances for both sides. The Flamengo had the tough posture that is charged by the fans, but ran into individual errors early in the game. Even so, Vinicius Júnior was the owner of the first great opportunity. After winning at the speed of the defender, the striker shared with goalkeeper Dreer and the ball went over the goal.

Emelec responded on counter-attacks provided by Fla. The inattention in the middle in some moments almost was not expensive. Matamoros and Rojas bothered on the right. There was no quality in the final pass.

After the scares, it was chance behind of chance wasted by Flamengo. Two only with Juan, who just did not score headfirst was Dreer did a miracle and the ball still hit the crossbar. Everton Ribeiro, Paquetá and Dourado also finished in danger, but they were not happy.


From the bleachers came the Flamengo fuel. Back on the Libertadores after two games with closed gates, the fans pushed the team from the warm up on the lawn. But not all athletes in the field pleased, especially while the score was unchanged. Every time Diego passes, many complaints. Despite this, the jacket 10 was not omitted.

Upon being replaced in the final stage, Diego divided the Maraca between boos and applause.

On the other hand, Lucas Paquetá, Renê and Cuéllar are very moral. The first, despite some wrong passes, continued to receive applause. The left-back and the Colombian gained support in the layout. The two had outstanding defensive performances, with many stolen ball.


Renê still went well to attack. The shirt 6 tabled with Vinicius Júnior, invaded the area and crossed back. Diego tried, but the ball offered to Everton Ribeiro, who dropped a left-foot bomb to blow the Maracanã of joy in the two minutes of the final stage. Relief and red-black party.

Just not. After the goal, Flamengo lost control of the game. You missed incredible odds. The most unbelievable was with Vini Jr. The Reaper was with the ball, but who touched it was the defender of the Emelec, which left the shirt 20 in legal condition. However, the referee was unimpressed, and booked him for diving. Delayed, the boy broke into the area, but kicked badly in Dreer’s hand.

After that, the game became crazy. The team lost goal after goal and made the Nation suffer with the attacks of Emelec. The experience of Diego Alves was decisive. Shirt 1 made providential saves and held the game when needed.

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