Seven Unbeatable Tips for Perfect Hairstyles

Weddings, parties or any other celebrations call for more elaborate productions and, of course, stylish hairstyles. Want to know the secrets not to make mistakes? Check out the following tips from the expert Sylvio Rezende!

1- Where to seek inspiration?

In addition to finding ideas for hairstyles at CABELOS & CIA, stay tuned for hair fashion events that always bring proposals on stages and stands. It pays to warn customers to take a test before avoiding unpleasant surprises. It is a tactic that works for brides and can be adopted at other events. Although it is a test, you will need some time in your schedule. On average, the amount charged for this service is half the value of the finished hairstyle.

2- How to prepare the hair?

Wash thoroughly and avoid using creams and oils, especially if they are thin and oily. Lightly dry and apply musse (the amount is the size of a ping-pong ball if it is of medium length). Spray heat shield and proceed to brush. Wrap bobs or make waves with the board to conquer firm curls.

3- Hairstyles trapped or loose?

The choice of hairstyle depends on the style of the person and the type of party. I usually point out prisoners for mothers and godmothers. In the case of trainees and debutantes, semiprecious, like cascade, or lateral prisoners. If it’s curly, I recommend a coke chignon, which will last the whole party. In this case, brush and plate beforehand.

4- What to do for smooth does not fall?

The hair should be washed, but not receive conditioner or mask. And after drying, you should apply mousse to the root. Next, a model with Babyliss and, finally, spray with the dry jet.

5- When to apply the fixative?

To begin with, never use it near the dryer to avoid hardening the wire and if the professional wants to comb or undo the modeling, it will embarrass and cause frizz. The ideal is to spray at a distance of at least 10 cm from the hair for about five seconds. During the assembly of the hairstyle, I use a dry and smooth jet. In the end, I use the super force to last the whole party.

6- How to disguise the fanning ears?

The main tip is to not pull the hair back, not to emphasize them. I suggest keeping some wires down in the front or leaving them cuter over the ears, helping to disguise. That is, the hairs should be loose and not glued to the head.

7- Worth investing in accessories?

Moderately, yes. The extensions can be rented or sold by professionals to increase hairstyles, especially if the client has little hair. In case she has her own application, the hairdresser may charge an extra fee for placement. Each salon has its price, but it should never exceed 30% of the value of the service to be feasible. Already tiaras, buckles, and broches are option to harmonize with the dress and usually they are brought by the person. However, it is good to also have some models at your disposal.

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