What are the types of coffee maker? Discover here!

World coffee consumption is estimated to exceed 150 million bags. In fact, coffee is a drink loved by many people and be it the traditional drip, decaffeinated or that strong, there are several ways to adopt it into the routine. This coffee-making ritual is also very personal, and the quality of the beverage depends largely on the grain used and, if not, on the coffeemaker used during the process. Many people will say here that the drink made in the colander is much better, but nobody can deny that there are types of coffee maker that help you make a delicious coffee and still optimize our time – which, by the way, is every day more run.


Italian coffee maker

So if you are thinking of buying a coffee maker or even searching for the right model for your needs, we have compiled here the most common types of coffee makers found on the market and here at Montacasa. Check out!

It is a type of coffee maker that enchants not only by the coffee that makes but by the design with a ‘what’ retro. The piece that can be electric or not very easy to use: you have to put water in the base, the coffee in a separate compartment and close. The water, as it warms, rises through a central tube, passes through the coffee and rises until it reaches the top, ready to be consumed. No need for a paper filter or any other accessory, simple as well.


Electric coffee maker

It peaked some 10 years ago and no doubt marked the beginning of a new era in coffee preparation. This was because it was a tremendous novelty to have a machine that would prepare everything by itself while performing other tasks. Since then, this piece just got popularized and does not have that does not have a model of this at home. It is quite practical and just put water and coffee powder in the right containers, for the hot drink to leave ready in the jar.


French coffee maker

It is a type of coffee maker with a lot of charm and that is every day more popular. Generally, it is not an electric model and its operation is basically done by means of a press with a filter that preserves the oil of the coffee – which confers much more flavor to the drink. That is, you put hot water in the jar, mix the coffee and let the drink infusion for 4 minutes. Then just lower the piston that the press separates the coffee powder, filtering the drink completely. Look at the video that explains how everything works.

Source: countryliving.com