MasterChef: reality is inspiration for you to cook better

Surely you have heard of MasterChef and this is the reason why you are here reading this post. In fact, the culinary reality show has turned a fever on Brazilian TV and you do not have to like the tips and recipes that the chefs and the participants themselves offer to us in each episode. Currently in the fourth season, the show broadcast by TV Band shows that it still has breath and has a lot to offer to the fans of a good gastronomy and who want to cook better .

And as we watch, love this program and already assimilated many of the tips and inspirations, we tried to separate incredible tips for better cooking that we have already learned watching reality. Of course, the tricks we’ve compiled are for those amateur chefs who want to excel in the kitchen but do not yet have enough experience to impress.

To cook better, use ‘tomperos’

The word, although wrong in the Portuguese language, is already a classic term for those who watch the MasterChef and was popularized through the French chef and program jury, √Črick Jacquin. It is only him to say that it lacks ‘tompero’, for the amateur chefs to pay attention and caprichar (in the right measure) in the use of condiments. And, in fact, seasoning is extremely important in any recipe , and what we learn from each episode is that we need to know the different types of seasoning to whet the taste and give the recipes a lot more flavor.


Do not use two carbohydrates in the same dish

This rule is hardly broken and is often the subject of discussion between MasterChef participants and even ordinary people. In the current edition, had already participant that violated the ‘rule’ and the jurors called attention. But the reason goes beyond taste: by mixing two types of carbohydrate in the same dish, we are doubling the amount of energy we need and then we will ingest something that our body does not need and we will occupy a space that could be of another ingredient .


Yes, it is possible to make a dessert without sugar

In the season that is currently in the air, the MasterChef program made the competitors do something unlikely and that most Brazilians think is impossible: make a dessert without sugar . We know that the ingredient is present in most foods and decreasing, or even cutting it off from the diet, is a great initiative. So, we learned together with amateur chefs that there are certain ingredients that perfectly replace sugar, such as honey and even fruit.