Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Games

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre that has become popular especially with League of Legends and Dota 2. This title was developed especially for mobile devices and is designed for touchscreens.

As the subtitle of the play suggests, the battles here are organized in a five-to-five scheme – that is, a total of ten characters participate at the same time in battles, divided into two teams.

Your goal is to help your team (red or blue) win. To do this, you need to explore the map (which is divided into three routes and a forest that occupies the rest of the scenario), destroy the towers and eliminate the opponent’s nucleus (located in the upper right corner of the screen) before it destroys your (positioned in the lower left corner).

Like other MOBAs, Mobile Legends offers several different fighters and you can choose the one that best suits your style before starting each match. Some are murderers (being suitable for stealth players), others are tanks (for those who prefer to use brute force) and so on.

Since the League of Legends became a real-world fever, several developers have tried to catch the game’s formula and adapt it to the mobile environment. Some of these attempts have worked out – as in the case of Vainglory – others have gone wrong and some have been left in the middle of the road. After testing it for a while, we can say that Mobile Legends fits into this third option.

The title has cool graphics and interesting characters, full of details and personality. The commands are also pleasing, very simple and intuitive: just use the virtual buttons to move the hero, attack and use one of three special abilities that each fighter has. Other classic mechanics of MOBAs are also present, such as return to base, purchase items and explore the jungle to win special items.

What we do not like about Mobile Legends is the lack of a variety of game modes, including training so that beginners can get used to the controls and find out who their favorite champion is. The game forces you to face online matches immediately after completing the tutorial, and anyone who started playing now will surely feel lost.

In addition, in comparison to other mobile MOBAs, Mobile Legends has few characters available for you to control – some of this may be due to the fact that the work was recently launched, so we just have to hope for future updates to bring more content. For the rest, though, it’s a fun game for those who enjoy League of Legends and want to have fun with something similar while on the bus.

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How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair

How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair – Rocking chairs have always been related to the elderly, with our grandparents. But they are very comfortable chairs that allow us to relax ourselves after an exhausting day.

If you have room in the room or in the room itself, it would not be a bad idea to have a rocking chair to sit for a few minutes every day. slats, varnishing, painting

How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair

Next, we take the necessary steps to build your rocking chair:

  • We will make each part of the chair separately, and we will unite at the end.
  • We will begin with the front legs, and then the rear legs, which must take into account the swinging of the swing.
  • The next step will be to build the seat. We will cut a solid wooden plank, which can be square or rectangular. This part of the chair can be attached to the legs with nails or with some chemical adhesive.
  • The ideal backrest should have a slight outward curve for the comfort of the back. A slat of wood will reinforce the backrest.
  • We will place the armrests. We must decide the size and the thickness.
  • When we have joined all the pieces, we will proceed to the sanding process for a smooth finish.
  • We can varnish it or paint it to give it our personal touch.


MICROWAVE PUDDING: Simple and Quick Recipe

You will not need to spend gas: see how to make a nice microwave pudding!

Who invented the pudding deserved a prize! Delicious and juicy, it is a dessert that suits any occasion. Although the traditional one is made with condensed milk, the pudding has won several versions, such as the incredible food. The TudoGostoso already taught how to make bread pudding, clear pudding, orange pudding and many others. Today, it’s time to teach to make the microwave pudding!

You can do this wonder in this appliance! Here’s how to prepare the following dessert.

Microwave Pudding Ingredients

  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 1 and 1/2 can of milk
  • 4 eggs


  • 4 tablespoons of sugar
  • 4 tablespoons water

Method of preparation

  1. In a glass form that can go to the microwave, put the sugar and water and take to the microwave for 2 minutes. Remove and stir so the sugar does not stick to the bottom. Return with it to the microwave and leave for another 1 minute.
  2. Carefully remove the shape from the microwave and turn it gently, spreading the syrup down the sides.
  3. In a container, mix the sieved eggs with the condensed milk and the milk. Stir well until a homogeneous liquid is obtained. One trick to giving an incredible taste to your pudding is to add a few drops of vanilla extract.
  4. Then pour the mixture into the form and take it to the microwave for 10 minutes at full power. Carefully do not burn yourself, remove the shape and place it on a surface covered with a dish towel.
  5. Cover the shape with paper-film for a few minutes, so the pudding finishes cooking. You will notice that it will detach itself a bit. When this happens, remove the film-paper and refrigerate it for 4 hours or until cool.

How to make Fruits Mature Faster

Want to know how to mature faster than green fruit you brought from the fair? So take a look at our tips!

Consuming fruits is essential for a balanced diet. Who does not like to taste their fresh and ripe fruits? We often buy more green fruit to mature during the week. But this process may take longer than you expected and the will to eat the fruit is great. We here at TudoGostoso will show you how to make your fruits mature faster.

Did you know that some fruits release a gas called ethylene? It is an important hormone that stimulates maturation. So the main tip is to let fruits release that gas near the fruits you want them to ripen. The main fruits that release this hormone are: apples, pears, apricots, avocado, and kiwi. Normally, from one day to the next your fruit will be ripe and ready to eat.

Check out a few tricks to ripen your favorite fruits faster!


To always have ripe bananas at your disposal, we have a few tricks. Place the bananas in a paper bag (can not be plastic because it prevents oxygen from contact with the fruit and so it will not mature). Fasten the bag and wait your banana stand on the spot. Try also to wrap the banana crown with a piece of plastic film, gives it super right!


The sleeve follows the same tip paper bag and can be left overnight to mature. If you do not have paper bag, you can also wrap it in a newspaper that the result is the same. Another cool tip is to soak the sleeve in a bowl of rice or raw corn. But beware: with this method the fruit ripens very quickly, so be careful and always check your sleeve.


Keep the avocado in a bag with other fruits that release ethylene also work (this technique works well even!). But if you opened the avocado and then saw that it is not yet mature, do not despair, there is also a way. For an open avocado you can spread a little lemon juice. The fruit acid such slow down the oxidation process.


See tips for the bike to last longer

Maintaining the motorcycle battery does not require much work, but nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the care needed for its useful life, which most people only remember at the moment of a break. According to experts, motorcycle batteries last an average of three years, specifically the sealed ones, or maintenance-free, which are used by most motorcycles today. In conventional batteries, intended primarily for older bikes, the durability drops to 1.5 years.

Installing equipment, such as alarms and trackers, requires attention because they can cause current leakage. “If this happens, the battery may not be strong enough to cause the bike to turn on,” warns Edson Esteves, professor of automotive mechanical engineering at Centro Universitário Educativa Inaciana (FEI). The engineer indicates that the installation is done only in places of trust.

Another tip is to not let the motorcycle stopped long, a problem for those who use only on weekends, for example. “If you turn, at least 5 km per day, can extend battery life for up to four years,” added Esteves. The disuse and Shooting for short periods contribute significantly to the battery pack, especially the bikes equipped with alarms and trackers, which end up consuming more energy. “It is important not to stop the bike for a week it is,” recommends Ron Sousa, dealership consultant in São Paulo.

Even the bikes that do not have so many accessories to stand still suffer. “With more than three months without use, the battery is beginning to show signs of fatigue,” says Nelson Codonho, shop owner and also a specialized workshop in São Paulo.

Wood foot

He suggests using a wooden or rubber support on the “heel prick” that holds the bike when stopped. “Because the part is iron and is in contact with the ground, it creates a chain – of a wire ground -. And all battery power is dissipated Taking this care, it can last up to 6 months without being used since the lug isolates the current passing through the bike’s little foot, “explains Codonho.

There is still another device to prevent current leakage. “If the bike stands still for too long, you can disconnect the battery cables, preventing power is lost,” advises Esteves. In this case, it is important to know the order of removal of cables. “First, You Should disconnect the negative cable And Then the positive (protected by the rubber cover), so there is not a short detrimental to the electric motorcycle accessories. At the time of assembly, it is the reverse, first the positive And Then negative, “guides the consultant Sousa


Need To Know Before Undergo Plastic Surgery

lil kim before and after – Nowadays plastic surgery increasingly favored by the people. How come? Those who had a flat nose could turn it into a plaza. For people who are aged, they could look much younger in a matter of weeks thanks to plastic surgery. In essence, with plastic surgery, you can change the look of the face as desired.

Tempted want to improve the appearance of the face in this way? Wait a minute, because there are some things you should know before changing the face permanently through this step.

think carefully before undergoing plastic surgery - alodokter

Are You Ready Condition Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Surely you’ve seen most people look much more attractive after having plastic surgery. However, there is also the face actually looks awful postoperatively.

There is only the possibility of failure, especially if the person is not fit to undergo plastic surgery on specific parts of his face. Therefore, it is important to know your physical condition before undergoing plastic surgery.

  • Rhinoplasty
    If you intend to perform rhinoplasty make sure you do not have a thick skin. This procedure is particularly suitable if you have a big nose, crooked, or there are bumps. Should avoid doing this operation on children who are still in the process of growth. If you like to do sports, it is better to avoid changing your nose.
  • Eyelid surgery
    you will get the most out if the eyelids are drooping, baggy eyes, or swollen. But for the dark circles around the eyes, fine lines or wrinkles , precise handling is not with eyelid surgery .
  • Raising lip
    best candidates for lip raise operation is a younger age group. For those of you who are elderly, it could do so if the condition of your lips have thinned. This type of operation is not suitable to do if you have allergies, diabetes, herpes, or an autoimmune disease such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis .
  • Cheek implants
    Please perform this action if you have a flat cheekbones or early loosening of the cheeks. But forget this action if you have skin that is too loose. The conditions are better handled by means of a facelift or face withdrawal procedure.
  • Chin implants
    When your chin is not balanced with the nose, you should perform this type of operation. But avoid if you have problems with teeth.
  • Forehead or brow lift
    Avoid doing this plastic surgery if you are experiencing thinning hair, baldness, or have skin that is easily injured. The right to perform operations on the forehead or eyebrows are those who have thick eyebrows, wrinkles or frown lines on the forehead.
  • Attractive face or neck in order to look younger
    Operations of this type are often called facelift. Usually done by those who are elderly and want to look youthful . The best candidates for this action are those who have skin sagging face and neck, or have excess fat on the chin. You are not fit to perform this action if your skin is not elastic or experiencing obesity .

In addition to the above, there are other factors you should consider, such as the overall health condition. If you have health problems, such as depression, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, or a bleeding disorder, you should avoid this action.

Lifestyle it can also prevent you from doing plastic surgery, especially for heavy smokers. Smoking can affect the wound healing process or exacerbate scarring. The toxins in cigarettes, like nicotine, carbon monoxide can reduce blood flow to the skin. Blood clots and pneumonia can also be a risk of complications from smoking post for anesthesia.

If you are a smoker and are determined to do plastic surgery, you should be ready to stop this bad habit. Typically, the surgeon will advise you to stop smoking for 4-6 weeks before and after surgery, including avoiding exposure to cigarette smoke. This applies to passive smokers. Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke during the period.

You are also required to have a stable weight for at least six months to one year before undergoing plastic surgery.

What You Should Know About Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is tempting, but before enjoying the results, you must be sick first. Here are other things you should know about plastic surgery.

  • When deciding to beautify themselves by way of plastic surgery, you must have the free time to shut himself in the house. Because you certainly would feel uncomfortable if you have to move with the facial swelling or bruising as a result of the operation. Usually, the healing process takes about 6-12 weeks, but depending on your condition and the type of actions that you undertake.
  • One surgery is sometimes not enough to get a face shape envisioned. Required further surgery to get perfect results and certainly will drain a lot of the cost. Keep in mind that plastic surgery for beauty purpose not covered by insurance.
  • You will have the incision scar, although it will fade over time.

If you decide to plastic surgery, you should be prepared also bear all the risks that would occur during or after surgery. Risk anything that might happen?

  • Failed while performing the cheek or chin implants. The implants are inserted on the face might make infection or rejection by the body. Sometimes, implants can go the wrong position or even be leaking and thus require further surgery.
  • When performing surgery on the forehead or eyebrows, you must accept the risk of loss of hair around the area of operation. Chances are you will experience numbness around the forehead and scalp.
  • You also have to accept the risk of blindness, though rare, if performing eyelid surgery. Another risk when undergoing eyelid surgery can also be a dry eye, eye irritation, and scarring.
  • The formation of fluid under the skin.
  • Mild bleeding that may require another surgery or blood transfusion.
  • Numbness and tingling due to nerve damage. It may be permanent.
  • Skin damage occurs should cure through surgery. People with diabetes, lung disease, cardiovascular disease, or obesity, have a higher risk of having complications. Complications can include stroke, heart attack, blood clots in the legs or lungs, to pneumonia.

Deciding to have plastic surgery cannot be taken lightly. First, you will change the shape of your face permanently. Second, there is the risk of complications that you should receive.

Think carefully before taking this action. Do not force yourself if you want to change specific parts of the face when conditions do not favor you. Remember that the operating results in each person are not the same. Make sure you have good information about plastic surgery to be performed, the doctor who will handle, as well as the hospital of your choice. Should consult all respects to the doctor if you want to perform plastic surgery.

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Understanding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is the branch of medicine concerned with the reconstruction and repair of defects in the body. Reconstruction plastic surgery repair disorder or disability caused by injury, disease, or birth defects.

It seeks not only to make a person look normal, but function better too. Cosmetic plastic surgery performed solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of the body.

  Hasil gambar untuk What is a Plastic Surgery: An Overview

origin of name

Many people have the mistaken belief that plastic surgery got its name because it involves the use of some kind of plastic or other manmade materials. In fact, the term plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to form or shape. The use of the word was first published by a German surgeon Karl Ferdinand von Graefe (1787-1840), one of the pioneers of plastic surgery. Von Graefe operated on cleft palate (a birth defect in the roof of the mouth) and satisfying eye and developed the first procedure to repair the nose, called rhinoplasty (pronounced RYE-no-pla-stee), which is described in his 1818 book Rhinoplastik.

However, von Graefe no means the first or beginning of the operation. In fact, many believe that plastic surgery is one of the oldest forms of surgery. Some say that the beginning of the operation is known of this type dates back to Peru from about 10,000 BC, which do craniotomies (pronounced kray-nee-AH-toh Meez) or surgery on the skull with burning a hole in someone’s head. Many of these patients healed skull was found, indicating that they survived the operation.

ancient operations

Reconstructive plastic surgery is less old, although there is evidence that surgeons in ancient India used skin grafts written as early as 3300 BC to fix the nose and ears were lost in battle or certain forms of punishment.

Roman medical writer Aulus Cornelius Celsus, which is known to have lived during the reign of Tiberius (AD 14-37), mention facial reconstructive surgery in his De re medicina. It is well known that during the Chin dynasty (229-317 AD), Chinese surgeons surgically repaired cleft lip.

Things to Know

Cosmetic plastic surgery: Surgery is designed primarily to enhance or improve the appearance of an individual who may have no gross abnormalities or physical disorder.

Graft: Bone, skin, or other tissue taken from one place on the body (or from another agency) and then moved to another place in the body where it started to grow again.

Reconstructive plastic surgery: Surgery is designed to restore normal appearance and function of the defective area or disorders of the human body.

While surgical techniques developed slowly over the centuries until the Renaissance (the period of artistic activities and a strong intellectual that began in Italy in the fourteenth century and soon spread throughout Europe, which lasted until the seventeenth century), text books first on plastic surgery written by the Italian surgeon Gasparo Tagliacozzi (1546-1599).

De curatorum chirurgia book contained illustrations and words on how to surgically repair or fix the nose.

One famous picture in the book shows how he placed the patient in this kind of straight jacket in which the one hand they are placed in the back of their heads with their noses touching their shoulders or biceps. In this way he uses the patient’s own skin (in the arm) to graft new skin for the nose repaired.

progress of the war

Surgical techniques continue to evolve very slowly, but in 1775, the American surgeon John Jones (1729-1791) published a book first surgeon in the American colonies, Plain, Concise, Practical Information on Treatment of Wounds and fractures.

This book introduces techniques for plastic surgery and became the bible of the American colonies military surgeon when the Revolutionary War (1775-1781) broke out. However, the first American plastic surgeon considered Virginia surgeon John Peter Mettauer (1787-1875).

At the time Mettauer has made his first cleft palate operation in 1827, progress is also being made in Europe as a surgeon in Italy and Germany do a skin graft experiments on animals.

In the United States, the battle of the Civil War (1861-1865) resulted in a large number of injured and disabled soldiers, and many surgical techniques are found or developed out of necessity.

Finally, it took another war, World War I (1914-1918), to generate the father of modern plastic surgery, the surgeon England Harold Delf Gillies (1882-1960). Since the war was conducted mainly in the trenches, there is a large amount of head and facial injuries (because the rest of the body of a soldier usually below ground and therefore protected).

Gillies founded the first hospital devoted to reconstructive surgery, and in 1917, he introduced the pedicle (pronounced PED-ih-kul) type of skin grafts that use the patient’s own skin and the underlying tissue to maintain a fixed site. Many inventions and techniques formed the basis of modern plastic surgery.

By World War II (1939-1945), many of the armed forces have a plastic surgeon as part of their medical team, and after the war, micro engineering has advanced to the point where people are becoming aware of cosmetic surgery as a way to improve their appearance.

Reconstructive plastic surgery

Today, plastic surgery has two components: reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is not just what it sounds like, because reconstruct, repair or reshape abnormal structures of the body.

In other words, the goal is to improve things or to restore the function (and appearance) of the body parts that may have been injured, ill, or suffering from birth defects. Severe laceration repair (in cuts) and a compound fracture typical procedure, such as tissue graft to repair severe burns.

Remove cancerous skin growth and rebuild missing or defective parts, such as ears or nose, is another example of reconstructive plastic surgery.

The goal is always to restore the function of damaged to restore normal shape. This is a type of surgery to try to reattach severed fingers and limbs and to repair the damage done by traumatic injury or disease.

Cosmetic plastic surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery is another type of plastic surgery. Also called aesthetic plastic surgery, it is different from reconstructive plastic surgery in that it is an operation performed on abnormal structures of the body. In other words, it is an operation performed solely for the purpose of improving the appearance of a healthy person.

Examples of these operations would be a “nose job,” “face lift,” breast augmentation, and fat suctioning procedure. This type of surgery is called “elective” because it was not necessary from a medical point. Instead, it is done to improve the image of a person to fix something that people find the object of his body.

So, while some choose to have big ears they put closer to their heads, others may choose to have drooping skin around their eyes tensed or wrinkles on their faces removed. Hair transplants and facial chemical peel is also considered cosmetic plastic surgery.


Whether reconstruction or cosmetic, plastic surgery is almost always about tissue transplants. However, this is not the operation that “transplant” donor organs such as the kidneys work to be someone who had lost them, but otherwise is healthy tissue transplants from one part of the body to replace damaged tissue removed from another part.

These networks can become bone, skin, muscle, cartilage, tendon, or even nerves. So that the surgeon can take cartilage from the patient’s ribs and “build” the ear or nose repair.

Baseball pitcher throwing sometimes continue their careers after cartilage taken from the non-throwing arm they are surgically transplanted into their injured throwing elbow.

Skin grafts are used to cover the burned area is another common form of transplantation. A new version is called a xenograft (pronounced ZEE-no-graft), in which the skin from the donor used temporarily and grafted onto the burned area that still has living cells.

Although ultimately rejected, grafted skin often protects the damaged tissue for a long time, and gives the body time to heal itself. Shape even newer than artificial or synthetic leather is being developed that will do the same.

latest progress

Another important part of all plastic surgery, whether reconstruction or cosmetic, is cutting carefully planned and skin in the following places or fall in the natural line of skin or folds. At the end of the operation, the same way planned and carefully tailoring (pronounced SOO-churing) or sew the wound closed is required.

Today, plastic surgeons sometimes use a laser instead of a scalpel, and often perform all operations in such a fine level of detail that they use a microscope all the time. They can replace the smallest of blood vessels using this technology.

Even before they operate, they have access to diagnostic technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography that allow them to analyze and understand the problem better, and to plan how to fix it.

Despite the increasing popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery (no longer a luxury only for the rich), reconstructive plastic surgery was done three times more often.

Corrective eye surgery or blepharoplasty (pronounced bleh-fer-oh-plas-tee) -where the bags under the eyes or on the skin of the upper eyelid is issued to give someone who is younger, less tired look-is the most common type of cosmetic surgery , Hair transplants and eye surgery is the most popular procedure with men.

Many adult women choose breast enlargement, is now done with saline or salt water implants silicone implants proved not-harmful. Teens most often received nose reshaping.

Help For Traumatic Stress

During extreme trauma like there is no doubt the sensory overload that leaves a trail of emotional different in mind. Neurological there are three significant areas of brain activity between the pre-frontal cortex, the amygdala and hippocampus which will shoot quickly neuro-receptors to process ‘experience’ while at the same time trying to calculate a solution for the event ..

Such extreme stress will leave very clear visual traces in the hippocampus, which is responsible for episodic memory and is closely related to negative emotional stimuli through the amygdala. That is why one of the ingredients for diagnosing PTSD record ‘flashbacks’ which seems to recur repeatedly, tortured innocent victims of the brain while trying to find that particular bit of the events that will allow it to understand. I’m sure once the victims know that others understand what they have gone through then there will be a recovery ignition.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are about 8 million Americans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most of them are 18 years and above the median even though it seems to be 23 years old. Some people involved in these statistics are war veterans – those who fought in Vietnam and in Afghanistan. In fact, research shows that 19 percent of the soldiers who were deployed in Vietnam suffer from PTSD at some time after they have been called back and sent home to their families.

It is not only the soldiers in battle who suffer from PTSD. Think about it. Trauma may be associated with anyone who has been on the receiving end of the attack group, was involved in a major car accident or fall victim to poor rape incidents of violence. Even the recent succession of natural disasters can leave a trail of appalling emotional for those who survived.

What are the signs and symptoms of PTSD? Is that clear to see? Well it was not in my client. After 1st met him at a training seminar, she was a woman who looked distinguished and firmly maintained.

Or in the back is generated a very strong self-defense mechanism that will not leak a single iota of information to the outside world. Why them, the world will simply not understand anyway.

Manifestations of severe trauma are grouped into 3 – intrusive memories, avoidance and numbing the emotions, and the emotional arousal or hyper-arousal. More often than not, these symptoms appear 3 months after the traumatic event. There are cases in which even though may take years for symptoms to appear.

Symptoms include flashbacks intrusive memory of traumatic events while you are awake. For a minute or even days, you seem to be reviving the horror that you meet and you find it very hard to snap out of it. Through conscious effort you are able to control the memories when you’re awake, despite our conscious attention is not functioning 24/7, sometimes they haunt you in your dreams. Your subconscious does not have a conscious mind barriers that you have and so you might get nightmares frequently.

People with PTSD may break away from society, or at least for the kind of people involved in the original event. Avoiding this is a coping mechanism for emotional scarring caused events. It may go as far as the people they care for.

When I asked people with PTSD ‘how can I help? They would always say ‘if I say, you will not understand’. I would always respond by saying ‘it’s true I do not understand’. Too many therapists are trying to issue an authoritative and omnipotence claim that they know exactly what the client has and how to deal with it. This is a huge mistake and a complete disrespect for the client, because unless you are that person, or at least witness the incident how you can hold the position of understanding.

If you are an existing PTSD tend to be small dialogue especially if the topic is related to the incident. Have you noticed their war hero who survived the war and when pressed by their grandchildren about what it was like back then they became quiet and distant? It was quite an answer to tell you how horrible it is to live during the war.

There is a tendency to not have aspirations and excitement about the future and may even suffer from partial memory loss. The ability to focus tends to be disturbed and family relationships around them are gradually destroyed by the pain is too much to be close to someone.

There is an array of negative emotions experienced such agitation and anxiety, and being overly emotional. Combine this with an underlying anger and mood swings you’ve got someone pretty much disengages from society completely.

Shame and guilt is interesting because this is a learned behavior or emotion so it may have come from prior experience traumatic events. Traumatic events but reignites and brought back to the present clearly how to feel this way. Emotions can encourage victims to use drink or drugs and in some cases dependence. This was their attempt panacea but unfortunately it is rude behavior because the action does not meet the intent, it just makes it more bearable to handle while slowly killing them.

The visual representation of victims of past traumas so now that it is as if they have lost their future time when they replay the event like a broken record. This is why some victims were so jumpy or startled by the smallest thing. They can even suffer from visual or auditory hallucinations which resulted in difficulty to focus and really engage in conversation or activity.

Of course what I am describing here is extreme PTSD, but some survivors develop coping mechanisms funny that allows a person to appear very compost mentis, although they are in the pot bubbling guilt and anger are so stressed that it makes you wonder if it was as bad as they described it. Through sheer will be a few can manage to hide the deep pain of their humiliating.

JB My client involved in a relationship with a black man for 7 years and for the relationship he expressed fear of him at times because he could appear as threating and aggressive. Before they met he started his own music company and know this man on his musical ability with a strong network of followers.

He also knows his reputation as a womanizer. Although this drive and enthusiasm to get the company and got him to set up business partnerships with individuals. Finally, they develop an intimate relationship that has all the signs of stress and tension from the start.

Finally, toward the end of his relationship severely attacked by this man where he was hospitalized for several days. He did not press charges even though after this confidence shattered and very afraid of this person. When she explained what happened to the other members of the company’s music they accused her of lying and basically turned around and he was forced out of his own company for property rights and feelings of betrayal. To support this article I will inform the other members of the music companies are also black men.

In the chart you will observe a time line of people seeking help through therapy for symptoms of paranoia and betrayal, fear of blacks, underlying anxiety sweating sleep, and nightmares. Physical attacks are more than 4 years ago. Clients are asked to be as they were before the event never happened and I immediately said that was not possible because it has happened and you can not go back in time. In addition, if they become people who they before the event ever occurs then the same thing will happen all over again. Bit pointless really.

This exercise allows the victim to put down on paper exactly what happened before, during and after the form is a different perspective. This exercise allows the client to the bottom piece and identify the exact point that integrates all the other parts together. To understand the end and for the first time since the event say what it is that this maintains traumatic memory and reveal traces of negative emotions.

Dealing with PTSD – An Approach Movement & Motion Metaphor
Metaphor mixed in our everyday language among other linguistic models of sensory and conceptual. To help make a difference from all three linguistic model, reading the description as follows: –

Sensory – When I saw the keeper the eyes and hear the roar of my teammates, I feel I hit the net cord ball in the net.
Conceptual – I took the ball in my chest and went round a defender with a clear shot on goal.

Metaphor – As if I were a cheetah close the gap on its prey.
Metaphors are the vessels of complex information that is used to help us interpret our experience of the world, others and ourselves. The metaphor we can limit or empower and until we raised awareness on what the symbols of the complex will continue without a shadow of what they mean to us.

Exploration of the landscape metaphor we are nourishing process that allows the subconscious mind searching for adapting itself not only what we metaphor but a relationship and their respective organizations in relation to each other. Having this awareness in order to reorganize the landscape and patterns, creating new strategies and thus the new movements and behavior.

Just to give a clear distinction metaphor of movement and motion is not the language clean. Clean Language explores different metaphors in which the clients landscape MoM tend to see the metaphor is problematic and current strategies to try and deal with it. Keeping a clear focus on speed and destination clients range mode, the MoM approach would be contrary to the Clean Language You always describe what the client is not a metaphor.

This is done on the premise that the client very well to explain what their experience is not because there are always people do not know what they want. Tell them what it is not the level of attention and awareness is raised and their automatic correction mechanism comes into play to tell what it was. A neat trick is very strong.

Using tone of disbelief and sympathy various clients suddenly become ‘awake’ for the first time in several years, finally able to understand what is in the order of their subconscious mind.
When I first asked me what the problem of PTSD clients there are many explanations frontal lobes in the description language classical sensory and conceptual listing suffer like me “I feel ashamed” and ”

The transition from the sensory and conceptual linguistic when he said “I just feel scared all the time”.
And then came “and this feeling of fear, and it is like what?”
“I feel like I’m in the ground is unstable and I was drowning”.
JB stated view was that he had himself from the right side as if he was watching her from the sea and he was in the golden sand was dry and he stepped forward with his left foot and just slid back with a tremendous feeling just stay where he is.

The beach is done on the eve led him eventually to a big bustling city full of busy people. Behind again is much beach though she could not see what was beyond it. I asked him to explain what there was left and he said there was a lot of sand and over the horizon there are sand dunes with the Chinese people to play with the ball and they are happy and having fun.

Outside the sand is a big bustling city that he described earlier even though it was just very big and not very interesting because he felt insignificant.
I then established how Jenny was built some time and he has a linear time line from front to back.

I then asked him what he was barefoot and she said she had a great run clumpy shoes sinking in the sand. This is what is stopping him from getting out of the sand. His general experience is exhausting and frustrating and its current strategy for dealing with this is just to stay there and feel shameful and guilty.

Provoke creative side to generate new solutions he said he could take his boots off and just run. It was very refreshing to run him in a bear even though he felt confident when he gets close to the Chinese people in the sand because he felt as though he did not belong. He had these feelings because the Chinese people are maintenance free and he knew it was part of him he did not have.

I asked him to create a new strategy 3 to deal with these feelings and she said she could only accept all the different people and just live in the moment and just go in there and start to believe again. Trying to choose one of three new behavior she decided to blend 3 all and when trialled she has a wonderful feeling of acceptance and fun although it then after a while he felt as though he had to leave them to have fun yourself.

I got Jenny to speed this time a new strategy for the situation to come and while doing this he has a wonderful insight into remembering that when he was little he was the one who always played the piano and practice when all the other kids play and that in adult life conflict does not fit in is because he has always been a leader and never one to follow and that he is equally happy to be a facilitator for others to have fun and when she saw it was equally satisfying to know he was the one who created it.

For work I asked him to draw metaphors and be aware of any new sensations, insights and behavior in relation to the previous problem.
One week later I asked him to answer a few simple questions and here is his response: –

Hi Steve

I am pleased to say that I’ve felt great since our last session!

In answer to your specific question:

What have you noticed in comparison to before we begin the work of Metaphor?
I feel much more relaxed in myself and have lost the sense of anxiety that I have.

What have you noticed in your feelings?
I feel more confident, happier, more positive about the future and my ability to cope.

What have you noticed in your general thoughts?
I feel much stronger in myself. The session made me realize that I’m really fed up with fear and anxiety about the future. It reminded me that I had a choice. I can choose to stay where I am or I can embrace my life again and enjoy it!

What have you noticed in your sleep patterns?
Since the last session I’ve slept soundly without dreaming that I remember.

What have you noticed in the case of others?
I have made a conscious effort to connect with people in my everyday life and I’ve had a positive response back. I have become very afraid to initiate contact with people but I certainly get my confidence again.

What kind of insight you have?
I understand why I had struggled so much since the events of four years ago. I lost confidence in people and that makes me become insular. The insular again I became, the more I emotionally disconnected, and the more difficult it becomes to deal with people. The world seems friendly now and I feel much more hopeful about my future. Thank you!

MasterChef: reality is inspiration for you to cook better

Surely you have heard of MasterChef and this is the reason why you are here reading this post. In fact, the culinary reality show has turned a fever on Brazilian TV and you do not have to like the tips and recipes that the chefs and the participants themselves offer to us in each episode. Currently in the fourth season, the show broadcast by TV Band shows that it still has breath and has a lot to offer to the fans of a good gastronomy and who want to cook better .

And as we watch, love this program and already assimilated many of the tips and inspirations, we tried to separate incredible tips for better cooking that we have already learned watching reality. Of course, the tricks we’ve compiled are for those amateur chefs who want to excel in the kitchen but do not yet have enough experience to impress.

To cook better, use ‘tomperos’

The word, although wrong in the Portuguese language, is already a classic term for those who watch the MasterChef and was popularized through the French chef and program jury, Érick Jacquin. It is only him to say that it lacks ‘tompero’, for the amateur chefs to pay attention and caprichar (in the right measure) in the use of condiments. And, in fact, seasoning is extremely important in any recipe , and what we learn from each episode is that we need to know the different types of seasoning to whet the taste and give the recipes a lot more flavor.


Do not use two carbohydrates in the same dish

This rule is hardly broken and is often the subject of discussion between MasterChef participants and even ordinary people. In the current edition, had already participant that violated the ‘rule’ and the jurors called attention. But the reason goes beyond taste: by mixing two types of carbohydrate in the same dish, we are doubling the amount of energy we need and then we will ingest something that our body does not need and we will occupy a space that could be of another ingredient .


Yes, it is possible to make a dessert without sugar

In the season that is currently in the air, the MasterChef program made the competitors do something unlikely and that most Brazilians think is impossible: make a dessert without sugar . We know that the ingredient is present in most foods and decreasing, or even cutting it off from the diet, is a great initiative. So, we learned together with amateur chefs that there are certain ingredients that perfectly replace sugar, such as honey and even fruit.

What are the types of coffee maker? Discover here!

World coffee consumption is estimated to exceed 150 million bags. In fact, coffee is a drink loved by many people and be it the traditional drip, decaffeinated or that strong, there are several ways to adopt it into the routine. This coffee-making ritual is also very personal, and the quality of the beverage depends largely on the grain used and, if not, on the coffeemaker used during the process. Many people will say here that the drink made in the colander is much better, but nobody can deny that there are types of coffee maker that help you make a delicious coffee and still optimize our time – which, by the way, is every day more run.

Italian coffee maker

So if you are thinking of buying a coffee maker or even searching for the right model for your needs, we have compiled here the most common types of coffee makers found on the market and here at Montacasa. Check out!

It is a type of coffee maker that enchants not only by the coffee that makes but by the design with a ‘what’ retro. The piece that can be electric or not very easy to use: you have to put water in the base, the coffee in a separate compartment and close. The water, as it warms, rises through a central tube, passes through the coffee and rises until it reaches the top, ready to be consumed. No need for a paper filter or any other accessory, simple as well.


Electric coffee maker

It peaked some 10 years ago and no doubt marked the beginning of a new era in coffee preparation. This was because it was a tremendous novelty to have a machine that would prepare everything by itself while performing other tasks. Since then, this piece just got popularized and does not have that does not have a model of this at home. It is quite practical and just put water and coffee powder in the right containers, for the hot drink to leave ready in the jar.


French coffee maker

It is a type of coffee maker with a lot of charm and that is every day more popular. Generally, it is not an electric model and its operation is basically done by means of a press with a filter that preserves the oil of the coffee – which confers much more flavor to the drink. That is, you put hot water in the jar, mix the coffee and let the drink infusion for 4 minutes. Then just lower the piston that the press separates the coffee powder, filtering the drink completely. Look at the video that explains how everything works.