Plesk Alternative: Cyberpanel! Hosting Control Panel for Litespeed

We have lately discussed CyberPanel as viable cPanel choice. Plesk is extra popular control panel used by many out there. But if you are here, it means you are now looking for its decision. There can be various factors/reasons for you looking for Plesk alternative.  Such as:

  1. Pricing: Plesk has mid-range pricing. But still many people out there can’t seem to afford, and then they start to look for an option.
  2. Complexity: Plesk is a sophisticated control panel; for first-time users, it can be confusing due to lots of options provided.

There can be many additional factors as to why you look for a Plesk alternative. As we’ve talked in our cPanel alternative article, we are again going to talk about why would you choose CyberPanel over Plesk. We are not going to talk about the faults in Plesk here, as any software has pros and cons. But since you are here looking for Plesk alternative, we will see why you can use CyberPanel and still get same features plus slightly better performance due to native support for OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise (comes with CyberPanel Enterprise).

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CyberPanel is free

Yes, you heard it is right, even though there is a pricing page on CyberPanel. Many people think that CyberPanel only has paid options. However, that is not true; CyberPanel has a free version that comes with OpenLiteSpeed web server. Now your mind will start asking questions what the difference between the free and paid version of CyberPanel is.

Plesk Alternative: Cyberpanel! Hosting Control Panel for Litespeed
Plesk Alternative: Cyberpanel! Hosting Control Panel for Litespeed

Difference is server that comes pre-installed. When you install free version of CyberPanel you get OpenLiteSpeed, and when you install CyberPanel Enterprise, you get LiteSpeed Enterprise Web server included already in the cost.

But then you need to understand the difference between OpenLiteSpeed vs. LiteSpeed Enterprise. Now that you have got a better idea of the difference between these servers, you will have a clear picture of what version of CyberPanel you want to choose.

Now that is the only difference between free and paid CyberPanel, apart from that 100% is same. You get the same working and features in both free and paid versions. Now if you want to set up CyberPanel and get started with it, you can read our cPanel alternative article as it explains how you can quickly get started with CyberPanel. We will take a little different approach in this article and leave out the technical details for cPanel alternative article; you can go down there and learn the technical points. However, in this article, we will see how for different kind of sites CyberPanel fits perfect compared to Plesk and weather you will be needing paid or free version of CyberPanel.


CyberPanel as Plesk Alternative for WordPress

If you go down at W3Techs to see WordPress usage statistics. You can see WordPress usage as a content management system, right now at the time of this writing, WordPress is used by 60.8% of all the websites whose content management is known to W3Techs. Currently, 60.8% is a significant number. Which means that out of 100 people using CyberPanel, there is a higher chance that they will be running WordPress sites.

Plesk have a WordPress toolkit to help you with WordPress related tasks. But if you see on CyberPanel side, you get free of cost WordPress one-click installer, that not only installs WordPress but also installs LSCache plugin for you, which means your site is ready to be super fast as the default web server is OpenLiteSpeed (when you use the free version of CyberPanel).

For Bloggers

If you have blogging sites, then the free version of CyberPanel will be right for you. Because blogging does not require ESI caching, which is only available with LiteSpeed Enterprise. So this is the best case where you can use CyberPanel for free.

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