5 Educational Designs That Encourage Equality between Children

Ethnic diversity, friendship between children and animals and breach of prejudice are some approaches to the animations selected by blogger Paola Rodrigues on her “Do not Skip the Window” page . In all, there are 10 children’s drawings that seek to promote social, racial and gender equality. Most of them are available on YouTube. Check below the selection commented by Paola *.

5 Educational Designs That Encourage Equality between Children
5 Educational Designs That Encourage Equality between Children (coloringpagebase.com)


1. The Moon Show

“This is a national production, positive point, which has as protagonist a girl named Luna, who is like every child: a scientist. (…) A drawing that encourages questions, discoveries and the real exploration of children\’s potential is always fantastic. ”


2. What monster bit you?

“Lali is a half-monster girl who was invited to the Monster of the Universe contest by her friend Romeo Umbigo. And it is in this world full of colorful monsters, wonderful scenery, original and fun songs, which we see Lali encountering with feelings that can turn humans into monsters [when matters are not discussed]. ”


3. Bino and Fine

“The drawing tells the story of two brothers who are raised by their grandmother and is a very colorful, entertaining and intelligent portrait of what [now] I believe to be the reality in Nigeria. Even if it is not in Portuguese, it is a very simple English and you can see with the children, already engaging a simultaneous translation if necessary. ”


4. Charlie and Lola

“Lola is a very, very energetic and imaginative girl and fortunately has an affectionate brother who helps her to give wings to her stories.”


5. Milly and Molly

“This design produced by Discovery Kids is an adaptation of New Zealand\’s Gill Pittar\’s work, which has beautiful books and could not have a lower quality design”