How to Spot Meth Paraphernalia

Drugs are incredibly strong these days, but few of them are more volatile than the drug that stimulates methamphetamine. Created in Make-Shift “Labs “, Methamphetamine (crystal, meth, ice, glass, crank) is a Frankenstein-style drug made from volatile chemicals found in batteries, fertilizers, and starter motors. It can be smoked, injected, or inhaled, and can cause psychosis, stroke, coma, and death.

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Today’s teenagers are exposed to methamphetamine more than ever, thanks to their acceptance as a cheap ‘ drug party ‘. “All about the crystal screams ” Deadly “, so it is fundamental to be polite and conscious. If you find any of the following paraphernalia, it’s time to talk to your teenager about Meth:


Glass and home made tubes

  • Glass tubes may differ in design, but meth pipes are typically long, glass cylinders with rounded, bulbar ends.
    A used tube has black burn marks on the bottom of the end.
  • Methamphetamine leaves a waxy, yellowish residue in the barrel after being smoked.
  • Light bulbs are a popular solution for changing smoke. Teenagers empty internal work pieces and use the bulb as a smoking device. (Bulbs show the same marks and burn residues.)

Tin foil and aluminum cans

  • Several pieces of crumpled tin foil can indicate methamphetamine abuse. Users place methamphetamine into the fold, heat the leaf (to evaporate the drug) and inhate the smoke.
  • Similarly, users make cracks in aluminum cans and push-PIN size holes. They put the methamphetamine in the bleed and inhalates the smoke through the opening of the Can. (
  • If you find blackened leaves or suspicious cans, it is vital to confront your child.

Cut straws and empty ink pens

  • Cutting straws and empty ink pens are the preferred means for inhaling methamphetamine.
  • Methamphetamine does not stick easily to plastic material, unlike a rolled dollar bill or other form of paper.
  • Cutting straws and recessed plastic pens are also popular inhalation devices when you smoke methamphetamine using tin foil.