Home Office Alternatives for Freelancers

Home Office Alternatives for Freelancers

Freelancing provides all kinds of exciting opportunities. When you’re your own boss and you make your own rules, nothing can beat the freedom you feel in your career. The only problem with freelancing is that you need to work from somewhere. Working from home sounds great until you feel your walls start to close in on you. If you don’t get out of there once in a while, you’re going to lose your mind. Rather than confining yourself to your home office, experiment a little bit. Getting out is good for your sanity.

Travel while you work remotely

This option is the most expensive, but it allows you to scratch some things off your bucket list. One of the greatest advantages of freelancing is that you can do it from anywhere. If you’ve ever wanted to travel, you don’t need to take an unpaid vacation. Bring your work with you. Live like a local in a foreign country, or even explore parts of your own country that you’ve never been to. Not many people have the ability to collect an income as they travel. If you do, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

Share space with a startup

How much networking do you accomplish when you’re trapped in a room by yourself? Many startups, small businesses, or collectives of freelancers share office spaces. You’ll be able to rent it out for a fraction of what you’d pay for your own office, and you’ll be around other people. If you can find people in the same industry that you are (or at least a similar one), this can easily turn into a career building experience that’s advantageous for everyone involved.

Get a small space of your own

Have you ever considered doing the obvious and renting your own office space? Yes, it costs money, but it may be worth it if you’re dying to get out of your house and you miss the experience of getting up and dressed for work every day. If you’re working by yourself and you prefer to stay that way, you won’t need a ton of room. There’s no reason to rent out an entire building, but you may be able to find one room in a combined office space for a relatively low price on a site like Gumtree.

Work from the pub

This is a strange choice, but you’d be surprised how well it works. If you’re stressed out with a current project, you can always take your work for a well-deserved night out. Order something small to munch on and enjoy a pint or two while you work. Drinking on the job is okay when you don’t have someone else to report to. As long as you know your limits and you don’t get too wobbly, you may find it eases your stress levels a little while you’re ironing out the tedious details of a complicated job. Just make sure you review your work after the pints have worked their way out of your system.

There’s always coffee shops

It’s a little bit of a cliché, but that’s because it works. Freelancers love coffee shops. Enjoying a pastry and your favorite latte makes work a little more enjoyable, and you aren’t stuck by yourself. There’s always light, ambient noise and people coming in and out. It’s a great cure for the isolation blues, and you’ll be able to reward yourself with small pick-me-ups as you complete each portion of your work assignment.

Don’t forget to do more than just work when you’re out of the house. It can be hard to tell when you deserve a vacation or a day off when there’s no boss to award you with one. Getting out of the house while you work can help you enjoy your life while simultaneously being productive. Nothing beats that balance.

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