See tips for the bike to last longer

Maintaining the motorcycle battery does not require much work, but nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind the care needed for its useful life, which most people only remember at the moment of a break. According to experts, motorcycle batteries last an average of three years, specifically the sealed ones, or maintenance-free, which are used by most motorcycles today. In conventional batteries, intended primarily for older bikes, the durability drops to 1.5 years.

Installing equipment, such as alarms and trackers, requires attention because they can cause current leakage. “If this happens, the battery may not be strong enough to cause the bike to turn on,” warns Edson Esteves, professor of automotive mechanical engineering at Centro Universitário Educativa Inaciana (FEI). The engineer indicates that the installation is done only in places of trust.

Another tip is to not let the motorcycle stopped long, a problem for those who use only on weekends, for example. “If you turn, at least 5 km per day, can extend battery life for up to four years,” added Esteves. The disuse and Shooting for short periods contribute significantly to the battery pack, especially the bikes equipped with alarms and trackers, which end up consuming more energy. “It is important not to stop the bike for a week it is,” recommends Ron Sousa, dealership consultant in São Paulo.

Even the bikes that do not have so many accessories to stand still suffer. “With more than three months without use, the battery is beginning to show signs of fatigue,” says Nelson Codonho, shop owner and also a specialized workshop in São Paulo.

Wood foot

He suggests using a wooden or rubber support on the “heel prick” that holds the bike when stopped. “Because the part is iron and is in contact with the ground, it creates a chain – of a wire ground -. And all battery power is dissipated Taking this care, it can last up to 6 months without being used since the lug isolates the current passing through the bike’s little foot, “explains Codonho.

There is still another device to prevent current leakage. “If the bike stands still for too long, you can disconnect the battery cables, preventing power is lost,” advises Esteves. In this case, it is important to know the order of removal of cables. “First, You Should disconnect the negative cable And Then the positive (protected by the rubber cover), so there is not a short detrimental to the electric motorcycle accessories. At the time of assembly, it is the reverse, first the positive And Then negative, “guides the consultant Sousa