What is Olive?

In referring to olives, it can be said that the olive oil is made from that fruit that is edible, coming from a tree that is called an olive tree. Olive oil is a valuable prop for food and an inseparable companion of humans since the early civilizations of the Mediterranean basin to date. Olive trees are also called olives and have some characteristics, ie fleshy pulp, and a dark center which comprises:

  • Skin, shield or exocarp.
  • Octopus, mesocarp or meat.
  • West, endocarp or hazelnut.

The composition of olives is as follows: water (50%), oil or fat (18-25%), carbohydrates (20%), cellulose (6%), proteins (1.5%). The oil is ready 70% fat in the fruit pulp and 30% in small vacuoles bone must be broken to have access to the oil.

The olives are violaceous olive green in size and their shape depends on the olive variety to which it belongs. Depending on the variety, it can be dedicated to an olive oil mill, that is, the manufacture of olive oil; or can be attributed to the table, ie its preparation for direct consumption. The bone of the olive is also increasingly used as the usual biomass which makes a resource highly valued as fuel.

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Among the varieties of olives, one can concentrate exclusively on the table (chives), exclusively mill or both. In this can be seen a small proportion of varieties of olives best known in Spain of between 250 arable.

The maturation of olives occurs between October, November, and December, depending on the variety and the climatic and geological conditions. However, the olives are green onions that have the opportunity to collect them before, during and after their maturation so that the products are obtained and differentiated by the degree of maturity.

Regardless of the maturation in which the olives are, it is vital to get a quality product, adjust the form so that the olives are collected and thus collect in a shorter time within 24 hours.

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The ripe olives have the predominant color as green and black and their maturation takes place by the branches of the olive tree.

The ultimate goal of olive oil is to provide the highest amount of olives are, the highest possible oil content and will be chosen from the tree at its optimum maturation.