How to make rabbit toys without leaving home (Using Toys for gnawing and tearing)

You can reuse materials that would go into the trash and turn them into a fun toy for your rabbit
Although small, rabbits are energetic pets that need a distraction. They like to have fun to pass the time and what better plays this role than a toy? It is important that the object arouses his curiosity, be a challenge and bring entertainment. You can go to the pet shop to buy one ready, but have you thought about making rabbit toys yourself?

Making toys for rabbits is easier than it sounds and, better, the cost is zero. Recycled materials, old containers, and paper are some of the objects that can be used and almost everyone has at home. With a good dose of creativity and a little time of your day, the result will be really cool!


Toys for gnawing and tearing

If you or someone you know has small children who recently left their teething rings, it may be a good idea to re-use the play. Those made of hard plastic are great for the rabbit to gnaw and have fun for hours. The toy can not have small and removable parts, it must be a whole piece and does not offer risks to the animal. Also, remember to sanitize well before handing over to the pet.

Another cool idea for toys to gnaw on is to enjoy items from nature. Rabbits love pine cones and tree branches that are easily found in nature. In addition, natural wood is a great material to wear rodent teeth.

In the case of pineapple, you can pick it up on a tree or find it in landscaping and gardening stores. The branches need to be fresh and untreated, preferably from apple trees. If you have access to a copy, cut a small branch and give it to the pet.

In addition to just gnawing, it is interesting to offer some object that it can destroy without problems. Take that old calendar, take off the cloak and give it to tear and destroy the leaves. It will be a really fun. However, remember to supervise the joke so he does not eat anything.

An alternative to the agenda is to reuse the cardboard tubes that come in the toilet paper and the paper towel. They are soft and tough at the same time, becoming perfect for gnawing. To make the play more interesting, fill the inside with hay or strips of paper and hide snacks in the middle. The rabbit will become more interested in the toy when it smells the delicacy.