How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair

How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair – Rocking chairs have always been related to the elderly, with our grandparents.┬áBut they are very comfortable chairs that allow us to relax ourselves after an exhausting day.

If you have room in the room or in the room itself, it would not be a bad idea to have a rocking chair to sit for a few minutes every day. slats, varnishing, painting

How to Make a Wooden Rocking Chair

Next, we take the necessary steps to build your rocking chair:

  • We will make each part of the chair separately, and we will unite at the end.
  • We will begin with the front legs, and then the rear legs, which must take into account the swinging of the swing.
  • The next step will be to build the seat. We will cut a solid wooden plank, which can be square or rectangular. This part of the chair can be attached to the legs with nails or with some chemical adhesive.
  • The ideal backrest should have a slight outward curve for the comfort of the back. A slat of wood will reinforce the backrest.
  • We will place the armrests. We must decide the size and the thickness.
  • When we have joined all the pieces, we will proceed to the sanding process for a smooth finish.
  • We can varnish it or paint it to give it our personal touch.