Will a Few Drops of Visine Taken Internally Cause Diarrhea?

The desire for vengeance is profound in all of us. All those who have been unjustified have at one time or another felt the need to attack a counterattack. Most of us do not enter into this persecution, because we have considered the cost of getting still too high to justify the gains acquired, but we revel in thoughts of comeuppances distributed by others. Such imaginings give us the opportunity to experience vicariously the joys of retribution, the joys that are unlikely to prove in real life, as follows:


I have heard that the waitresses have a secret to getting rid of the annoying customers. Looks like they use Visina medication for a little payback in Montezuma. Some eye drops in someone’s drink may seem to leave you sitting in the bathroom for the rest of the night with a nasty case of “races.” ”

The “Visine slipped into the drink ” Payback brings the additional appeal because it seems to offer an effective but harmless form of reprisal that could be easily and stealthily managed even by the WIM, of the Revenge hunters. On the other hand, the mental image of an enemy sent hot-bedding to the bathroom is a great satisfaction, especially in a society that sees fecal production as something to be ashamed of. An act of rancor that obliges the victim to make repeated visits to John is considered not only extremely uncomfortable for him, but also degrading.

Yet everything is not right in the land of vengeance. While it is true that Visine is easily obtainable (it is a drop of non-prescription eye made by the giant pharmaceutical company of Pfizer), a drink spied with it is not a safe means of producing diarrhea in an unfortunate enough to swallow, and ingesting this mixture It is absolutely dangerous, which makes this form of retaliation “harmless” laden with dangers.

The revenge seekers are not yet completely convinced that a Visine Mickey Finn will not produce the diarrheal results they desire, or that the consumption of such a potion could potentially result in a medical crisis that threatens life in the object of his Joke, you must consider a final fact: the act of secreting harmful substances in food in order to bring harm to another is called poisoning. It doesn’t matter if the actual damage results from the attempt – the act itself is enough to land one in the Hoosegow.

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