Tips Painting with Paint Tools SAI

Many people have asked me about digital painting techniques on social networks, and so I decided to do this posting with some of the videos that helped me when I was starting to practice. I’ve collected videos ranging from beginner to advanced.


If you’ve always wanted to paint digitally and to this day did not take the courage, believe me, this is the signal that you needed to get started. In the video below, TheWalkerDesenhos group teaches the tools and basics of Paint Tool SAI, one of the easiest software to operate.

Since we are already familiar with the software interface, we will learn, in fact, to paint. This is a good painting tutorial because, in addition to not being a super fast video, of those who can not see the cursor, it is still narrated in English. If you have the command of the language, great: it will be easier to learn the technique, which basically uses the Marker brush. But if you do not speak English, do not worry, with a little attention you can follow the footsteps of the illustrator.

In order to be able to apply the teachings of the tutorial, be sure to check whether your settings Marker are like the video above (did not understand what this means or do not know how to change the settings?

I hope the videos are of great value for the learning of digital painting, which, like the traditional one, requires a lot of effort and practice. Train hard and see which brushes you feel most comfortable using.

I particularly learned to paint this way, seeing speed painting, copying the settings of the brushes and trying to replicate.