Day: January 5, 2018

MasterChef: reality is inspiration for you to cook better

Surely you have heard of MasterChef and this is the reason why you are here reading this post. In fact, the culinary reality show has turned a fever on Brazilian TV and you do not have to like the tips and recipes that the chefs and the participants themselves offer to us in each episode.

What are the types of coffee maker? Discover here!

World coffee consumption is estimated to exceed 150 million bags. In fact, coffee is a drink loved by many people and be it the traditional drip, decaffeinated or that strong, there are several ways to adopt it into the routine. This coffee-making ritual is also very personal, and the quality of the beverage depends largely

5 items for bathroom decor that make a difference in decor

Decorating toilets is always a double job, as well as having to decide all the dishes, it is also necessary to think about the furniture that will combine. Often, at the time of retirement, the furniture is left behind and space is not completely optimized. To help you, we have partnered with LojasKD’s blog and