It’s so easy when a recipe takes ingredients with whole measures, no one gets confused by these amounts. It turns out that not always the amount of butter required is a whole tablet and not always a spoonful of pepper can be added whole. It is common for us to need broken quantities of the most varied ingredients.

That’s where the math problem comes up that sometimes can not be solved.

These measures need to be put into the recipe somehow, and for the sake of standardization, most of the time these quantities are represented as “1/2 cup”, “1 1/2 scoop”. However, many people have forgotten what they learned many years ago at school and are filled with doubts about these fractional measures.

I worked for a while as a gastronomy publisher on the site of a TV channel that has many cooking shows, you know what it is. From time to time, someone from the team came to clarify some of the gimmicks in the SAC, from people complaining that the amount of an ingredient was wrong on the site and BLA BLA BLA. When the caller came in my direction, my “problem reading fractions” alert was already on. And it always was, always.

In fact, I already dealt with this little problem a long time ago in the blog; my experience writing recipes for a huge audience started in 2007. Now, with the new kitchen Help Channel on YouTube, I decided to do a video explaining this fraction story, to help the guys a little.

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