What is the best food to feed my dog? This question may be common question asked by pet owner. In fact, it is not difficult to get best food for the dogs. You do not need to worry or get confused about this.

Best Homemade Dog Food

What is the best food to feed my dog And it’s Best AnswerSince it is about the best dog food, then it is advised to have homemade dog food. Homemade dog food that you make by yourself is the best food compared to the commercial dog food. The commercial foods mostly contain grains and this is not good for the dogs. The chemicals and preservatives are not also good for the dogs. That is why the best dog food is the homemade one.

What are the best dog food ingredients to feed my dog? Questions about the ingredients of the homemade dog food will be the next question to ask. In this case, you do not need to get confused about the ingredients.

You can give meats and the other animal products as the main ingredients for the dogs. Feeding them with meats and the products are great since these contain what the dogs need for their health and nutrients.

What can I feed my dog besides dog food?

In this case, the meats can be cooked, but raw meats can be best options. Before feeding them, fats should be removed from the meat since the fats will only make the dogs get obesity. Giving meaty bones or meatless bones becomes good addition for them. Petsolutionfriend.com also mentioned this.

For the homemade dog food, you can also add fish and egg. These two ingredients good for the dogs whether they are in special diet program or not and these can provide the dogs with nutrients that may not be found in the meats.

Then, adding some fruits and vegetables is good things to do. Bananas, papayas, melons and carrots are good for the dogs. However, when the dogs still cannot eat them, it is advised to give them step by step. With these combinations, surely you will not need to ask about what is the best homemade dog food to feed my dog.

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