instagramPerhaps, some of you or the world community is no stranger to one application below. Yes, Instagram! One of the social media that is currently on the rise is a network or application which gives some Uniqueness of Instagram where every day always make people feel comfortable and do not feel hesitate to use it. No wonder, if the existence of this application is always associated with social media that has been or more above, namely Twitter and where the application has been introduced to the public audience to facilitate everyone to stay connected between one person to another.

Before knowing Uniqueness of Instagram, you need to know more information about the understanding of the existence of the application. Instagram was first introduced to the entire world community on October 6, 2010. Social media is an application that only provides the service as well as features for you in the form of uploads in the form of photos and video only, and which is very much different from Twitter but have similarities with Facebook from the side the. In addition, Instagram users are known every month to always increase because the number is dominated by people who always follow the flow of life or the development of the era.

Instagram is an application developed by social media predecessor, Facebook. However, the number of users worldwide until now can be said can not beat the application that has catapulted his name. CEO of the existence of this application is Kevin Systrom and also Mike Krieger which they both always develop and provide the best service every day for all people from various circles who use the application Instagram. One of the Uniqueness of Instagram is you can publish some photos and videos in a day with the amount of caption or caption is not limited. The follow-up system such as Twitter is a reference to be able to determine how much popularity level between one person and any party.

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