The bedroom is one of the main rooms of the house and requires extra attention when it comes to receiving the decoration. It needs to convey tranquility and coziness so that you have a good night’s sleep. When planning the environment, it is common for some mistakes to occur and undermine your relationship with it. From too much information in the room to the lack of creativity, check out the most common room decor mistakes:

1. You put lots of pillows on the bed

They are quite comfortable, but is it really necessary to leave so many pillows on the bed? If you need to throw them on the floor just for support, this is a sign that something is wrong in your room. Try to arrange the pillows in harmony with sheets and blankets.

2. You have nowhere to sit

Look at your room and look for somewhere to sit. If you only come across the bed, it might be interesting to put an armchair or objects that serve as a support, such as a chest. Comfort is the key word when we speak of the room.

3. You are combining (too much) the items in the room

Is the bedding match (and much) with the rest of the room? This is a mistake that compromises the beauty and harmony of the environment. Try varying the prints and the style of the items to conquer a sophisticated, beautiful and cozier environment.

4. You are spinning in enlightenment

Are Fluorescent Lamps the Only Light Source in Your Bedroom? They are widely used in the home, but overuse can damage your mood and a good night’s sleep. Choose decorative washers or lamps that help in the distribution of light through the room, transforming it into a true heaven.

5. You divide space with disorganized shelves and tables

Bookcases and backers are indispensable furniture for any home but are also an invitation to clutter and pollute the look. If possible, try to get them out of the room and leave them in a more conducive environment, such as an office.


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