Low Taper Haircuts

Almost all people after having a new haircut like Taper Haircut for example, want to make their after-salon hair stay longer. It’s human. It’s because in salon our hair is taken care by experts. Even if we have similar tools like in salon, if we don’t have hair styling skills, our after-salon hair will be gone just like that. Below are tips to make it longer that is partly taken from an article tips on Charmaine’s Hair website!

Taper Haircut: How to make our after-salon hair stay longer

  1. In salon, you cannot just be quiet and doze off without telling about what you want. Tell them the Taper Haircutthat you want.
  2. By chatting with the hairstylist, you should tell about yourself and personality so your hair stylist will really know about how you are and what style matches you best.
  3. If your hairstyles use this and that product, make sure you ask what they are and what the effects to your hair are. If it is possible, buy the products to maintain your hair.
  4. If you have finished getting the haircut you want, ask about how to maintain it. It is their job to explain to you.

Talking about hairstyles, we should also know that there are our habits that actually will make our hair damaged by ourselves. Here are the examples below.

Taper Haircuts: How we actually can damage our own hair

  1. Some people especially men like to wash their hair every day. Be careful in choosing the shampoo then if you insist because your scalp type is so oily. The shampoo should be the mild one.
  2. When you use tools for your wet hair, and you need to make it dry right away, make sure you use the dryer when your hair is not too wet with water here and there. It is also not allowed to use dryer too long and too hot.
  3. Be careful when you comb your hair. Choose the best comb if you don’t want to easily split your hair.
  4. Be careful with any chemical things to your hair like the one to color it. Ask the hairstyles to choose you the best color suitable with your hair and scalp types. Too often to color your hair is also not wise. Surely, your hair will get split easily. If you have colored your hair, you should know how to maintain it with a safe product.

So, what do you think? Our hair is worth having the best care. So, make yourself disciplined in maintaining your hair. This article about Taper Haircut does give you inspiration to make your hair nice and healthy, right?

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