If you intend to assemble your own business, you will find in the course starting a small and large business an excellent aid to prepare for the endeavor. In it, you will know how and what it is necessary to do to start and manage a venture.

The course provides essential basics and goes beyond, helping in the practice of implementing the business from case studies and concrete activities. In addition to studying the importance of market research, for example, the student also learns to elaborate this research to meet customers, suppliers, and competitors.

The course also works the knowledge necessary for the pupil to understand its business as a process and conceive its products and services with the quality required by the market.

Among the contents of the 10 modules that comprise the course are:

  1. Entrepreneurial behavior characteristics
  2. Identifying opportunities in an entrepreneurial way
  3. Defining the market Segment
  4. Researching the consumer market
  5. Developing the characteristics of products and services
  6. The company has a process
  7. Financial Analysis: What is it and what good is it?
  8. The importance of planning
  9. The business plan as a process
  10. From these and other approaches, the student comes out of the course comprising what are the entrepreneurial behaviors that can leverage the venture towards success and be formalizing its own business plan.

The hourly load is equivalent to 30 hours and the available online travel time for the participant is 30 days.

You will have the support and guidance of an experienced tutor in the subject, which will clarify doubts and stimulate the discussion of important issues. Additionally, you can interact with other participants and receive a digital certificate when completing the qualification.

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