A printer becomes one of the needs of society in this modern era. They are students or communities living in urban areas or educational environments. Every day they use printers to print various tasks, papers, and so on.

Every day people are also often faced with various problems that occur on the printer they use. Almost every problem they face is different. But, many problems it are only one of the most common. The problem with most printers is on printer driver issues.

What is a printer driver?

Printer driver is a software application program contained in the computer. This application is very important to connect the computer with print. This driver is used to operate the computer on a particular printer in order to print.

What are the problems encountered with the driver in HP printer?

HP printer problems usually occur on driver errors. This problem occurs when a printer user will print the results of his work. And at that time the printer used to have trouble. So do not be disappointed or despair and want to fix to the rental computer or even rental print.

But, note the print driver on the computer. Check is on the software that connects the computer with the printer used. There will find some problems.

Here are some driver problems that are problematic on HP prints which have interference:

  1. The printer cannot print even if the cable is already installed. So the solution is to check the software. The first stage is to check the installed drivers in accordance with the printer used. If it does not match or has not installed reinstall. Then pay attention to the properties of the print column whether it is appropriate or not appropriate. The last step can reinstall the driver and follow the procedure properly.
  2. The printer can print only one color. When printing documents with a variety of colors, all it takes is a color cartridge instead of just a black cartridge. If the printer is complete and installed all inks colored besides black. Then there is no problem, but if there is still a problem then notice the driver in the properties column in the printer dialog.

There are many printer driver problems are occurring, but many problems are found in HP printer problems are cannot print and prints only one color.

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