Sliding closet door hardware is needed when you want to build your sliding closet door. They would consist of some hardware which is the parts of the sliding door that you need to install to your closet.

Sliding Closet Door Hardware

Parts of sliding door for closet

  1. Panel part of sliding door: this panel is the one that would be your sliding door. You could purchase this part in many size depends on your door style. They also available in pair so you will get matching design for all panels.
  2. Track part of sliding door: you will need to install track as a part of your sliding closet door hardware which very useful to help your sliding door to slide away when you operate it. This track is quite difficult to install so you need to get some help if you are not sure with what or how to do the installation process.
  3. Guides part of sliding door: this part is used as a guide for your door so it could be opened or close in the correct line. Some door will have guides on the top side of their sliding door while some is available on the bottom side of their door.
  4. Handle part of sliding door: to help you grab your sliding door so it would be easier for you to open or even close the door, you need to use the handle which would be available in many kinds of style which adds to be decoration for your sliding door.
  5. Kits for sliding door: if you do not want to be troubled by choosing the sliding closet door hardware then you could just purchase a sliding closet door kits which will have all of the hardware you need to install the sliding door onto your closet easily

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