Samsung Kies.Samsung Kiesis an application from Samsung that can be used for PC synchronization with mobile. Samsung Kies provides easy data synchronization on smart phones with PCs as well as any media transfer process. Samsung Kies support all types of Android phones and tablets. In addition, he also supports the use of Windows XP SP3 to the latest version.

If you use Wi-Fi so you can synchronize wirelessly. Samsung Kies is software for the PC or laptop that can be used to connect between the Laptop / PC with the Samsung phone. Kies provides the ability to backup data and transfer data easily, manage multimedia content and offers plenty of widgets that provide a variety of functions related between PCs and mobile phones.

To further spoil its users, Samsung has created Kies. Kies is a special program for Samsung Mobile phone and MP3 to facilitate organizing data and multimedia content stored on the phone. Or is a freeware to manage the functions of Samsung Apps through a PC or Notebook.

Interesting part of KIES PC can enter a phone number, a contact to the smart phone. Data can be typed manually from the PC, making it easier when you just enter a list of phone numbers, email and via PC. Application can also be downloaded using the Samsung Apps widget, and the firmware upgrade can also be done easily via Samsung Kies. May it use full-screen viewing on a PC without using the mobile network again.

Features Advantages Samsung Kies:

  1. Make your phone stay updated

2.Contacts with Outlook or Google, Yahoo

  1. Make your own list of favorite music and Sync with mobile phones
  2. Save photos and videos taken on the phone to your PC or vice versa


* Samsung Kies 2 models are supported: Smart Phone / Tablet before the Galaxy Note III (including the Galaxy S4, Note II, etc.).

* Samsung Kies 3 Supported Models: Smart Phone / Tablet Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or more)

For some fans of Android, using a custom ROM and custom kernel is sometimes a pleasant thing, but of course we want to restore us to the stock Android ROM, the ROM’s take-ROM factory which is the default when you first buy it from the store. To return to the stock ROM, it is very easy if you’re using a Google Nexus device, because there was no addition to fast boot tool that you can do directly from Android. But how about Android Samsung, Sony, HTC and other devices? Maybe you’ll run into a bit of trouble and need guidance someone more expert in this field.

Well, on this occasion we will share tips on how to restore the device Samsung to the Stock ROM. These tips are intended for beginners who want to learn more about Android, for you who’ve expert also may really listen, you know who can give correction and input. Okay let’s begin the tutorial.

To restore or update Android Smartphone SAMSUNG, you can use one of the following two methods: That is using Odin or Kies. You may be able to find many guides on how to use Odin in Google, but to use Kies maybe you need some more details.

On this occasion we will learn how to update and restore Android Samsung or restore your device as before using the Kies software.

  • In this tutorial we will show how to clicking your Android unroot and fix the various problems that may occur.
  • Once the process is completed later, the Android you will look like when you first bought it. This process can be applied to any Samsung device with new firmware of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  • In this guide you will learn how to update your Android with the latest firmware available for your device according to your region / country where you bought this device using Samsung Kies.
  • You will change your Android status of Un-official (unofficial) to Official (officially).
  • The device you would on Un-Root and all the changes you’ve done while still Root first be removed and repaired.
  • If you had been jamming with stock flash ROM (from other countries) is wrong, in this tutorial will Touch ups your problem.

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