There are many parents who are confused when their child has a fever, every effort is made to ease the child’s heat. But the problem does not stop after the fever is stuck. After a few days later fever why the baby has red hay fever rash on his skin? Many mother afraid that it will be dangerous, maybe that is DBD?

There are many reasons why red hay fever rash appear on the baby’s skin after a fever, one of the most common is infant roseola, also known as Three-day-fever, because it is characteristic of this disease is the emergence of rashes or spots after the baby has a fever approximately 3 days.

hay fever rash

What is infola roseola? Infola Roseola is a mild and common viral infection that usually affects infants or children between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. This is caused by a type of herpes virus, although not a sexually transmitted type. (Read: Types of Herpes Disease) At the onset of an attack, the baby will experience a sudden high fever.

Fever usually lasts three to five days and may end suddenly, followed by a rash or red spots on the baby’s skin after the fever subsides. The rash may last for days or just a few hours. The rash is pink and can be either small or prominent flat spots.

This rash is not itchy or uncomfortable, and contact with the rash itself does not spread the disease. It usually appears first on the chest and neck, but can extend to the arms, legs, and face. When the spots appear on the baby’s skin, he looks healthy as if nothing has happened. But it is, parents need not worry because in a matter of days red spots will disappear and there is nothing else to worry about.

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