Can anyone use fixed braces?

The use of the fixed appliance is recommended for teenagers and adults who already rely on the permanent teeth and the structure of the well-formed arcade. As long as the patient does not present problems such as caries, gingivitis, among others, there is no contraindication to this type of treatment.

How is the treatment done?

First, the orthodontist will ask for some x-rays and take the mold out of the patient’s mouth. Face photos are also needed in some cases. This documentation serves to accurately evaluate the patient’s problem and set the points that need alignment and adjustments.

Does it hurt or hurts?

When squeezing or swapping bows, some patients complain about a small pain or some discomfort, but nothing extreme. At the beginning of the treatment, until the patient is accustomed to the brackets, it is common to injure the cheeks and mucous membranes of the inner part of the mouth. Therefore, in the beginning, it is possible to adopt a protective wax that helps protect them.

Is it necessary to extract some tooth?

In some cases, where there is no room in the arcade to accommodate teeth after alignment, it is recommended to extract some teeth. However, these cases have become increasingly rare.

Can the fixed appliance help in the emergence of caries or tooth stains?

The fixed appliance makes it a little difficult to sanitize. To floss, for example, a kind of needle is required. Moreover, it is recommended to use a soft bristle brush that can reach the maximum between the brackets. However, taking due care and seeking to make good hygiene, hard problems like caries can arise.

As far as stains are concerned, the mounting of the appliance does not involve any product that can alter the coloration of the teeth, so that kind of problem is pretty unlikely.

What’s the average treatment time?

It depends on the case and the patient. On average, the treatment lasts two years.

After finishing the treatment, do you have to use a mobile device?

After the fixed appliance is often removed, the patient must use a containment plate, which serves to contain new moves and maintain alignment. For the upper arcade, the plate is usually movable and in the lower arcade, fixed.

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