cargo rackAre you sure about choosing hitch mount cargo carrier for your car? Those who recommend this useful device might just highlight the good things only. As you know, there will always be flaws in every product. Thus, it is better to anticipate them instead of getting angry when bad thing happens.

The Plus Points

Cheaper Price

This is probably the best thing about hitch carrier. Your holiday budget already drains your wallet, why bother buying pricey cargo? Moreover, this item has a lot of functions.

Easier Loading

Compared to another type of carrier, the hitch mounted one is installed on the back of your car. Therefore, you don’t need to climb when loading the luggage.  The car height won’t be a problem.

More Compact Shape

Hitch cargo basket comes in rectangular shape. Your suitcase and boxes could fit easily. If you need to tie them, there will be plenty of bars to knot the rope.

Higher Durability

Hitch carrier is generally manufactured from high-impact plastic polymer, steel or aluminum. Any of these materials are well-known for its durability.

The Minus Points

Suitcase Only

There is a reason why this affordable carrier suits better for those who are going to have holiday. It cannot carry outdoor gear (bicycle, motorcycle, kayak) well. The rectangle shape already limits the things that could be loaded on the board.

Less Luggage

As you know, there is a maximum weight limit a hitch carrier could handle. It already includes the weight of the carrier itself. Since the basic material is already heavy, you will have less leftover weight.

Less Road Visibility Access

Since the luggage is on the back of your car, you might not be able to see the road well. You have to be extra careful when parking the car, because the sensor will not work as it is supposed to be.

There are two sides of the coin. Therefore, learning about both sides is much better. If you are pleased with the good points and could handle the disadvantages, then you are good to go. Later on, there will be no such thing as regret after purchasing the hitch mount cargo carrier.

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