New version of Nissan’s electric car features autopilot function and unique pedal joining different functions

For fans of electric cars , the biggest week of novelty is the new Leaf in 2018, the Nissan .

Launched in 2010, the Leaf is currently the best-selling car 100% electric world.

The new model brings more inspired design and significant changes in the electrical system. The idea is to compete with Bolt Chevy and Tesla Model 3.

The main novelty is what Nissan calls the e-Pedal. This pedal is an accelerator, but also obeys the commands to slow down, to brake and hold the car.

In the words of the brand, it is “revolutionary.”

Also new in terms of technology is the ProPilot, which allows an autonomous driving on highways, keeping the car on track and following the car speed ahead.

But the autopilot does not allow overtaking and access autonomously way. This will still be the driver task.


According to Nissan, the Leaf now has a battery of 40 kWh, which promotes autonomy of almost 400km. The old model of the car had battery of 30 kWh and less autonomy.

Compared to the previous version, the Leaf 2018 has 40% more range and is 37% more potent.

To recharge the car battery are required 16 hours in taken 3kW and 8 hours taken 6kW.

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