Ulcer is one of the most serious diseases in the world. Simply, the ulcer is caused by an irregular diet. Unstable emotional conditions and stress also become one of the causes of stomach acid up, causing ulcer. This one disease is often associated with sulfur burps. Then what is the relationship burp and ulcers actually? People say that often burping is one sign that indicates that a person has ulcer disease. Here’s a logical explanation of why this can happen.

sulfur burps

Heartburn due to late food intake into the stomach or food consumed is not a healthy food. This will cause the rise of stomach acid. Gastric acid at a normal amount is very helpful to humans in the process of digestion of food. However, excessive stomach acid can injure the lining of the stomach wall and cause a disease called ulcer. Then the sulfur burps and ulcer relationship is present in the presence of excessive stomach acid. Gastric acid produces gas bubbles. The gases of the stomach acid will fill the stomach and the stomach will become bloated. Then, the patient will often burp to remove the gases.

Sulfur burps is indeed a natural thing, but if it happens continuously of course it will be very disturbing. It would be even more uncomfortable if the burp happened at an important event and there were many people. It would be very embarrassing. Therefore, the belch should be handled immediately.

Belching caused due to increased stomach acid, of course there is a way to stop it is by reducing the production of stomach acid. If your stomach acid increases due to late eating, the way it is handled is by getting back to eating regularly. Furthermore, if the stomach acid up because of the type of food consumed such as spicy foods, hot foods, acidic foods, and foods cooked with lots of spices, then how to handle it is to reduce consumption of these foods.

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