Linda, full of style and perfect for anyone who wants to stretch the silhouette, the flare trousers are wildcards for any occasion of the day

The flare trousers have become popular there in the years 70 and since then no longer came out of the fashionistas ‘ wardrobe – and mine too! More fair in the hip and thighs, it is easy to identify it in the shops, since it usually is much wider from the knees, creating the famous “bell-mouth” format.

Another advantage I love in this piece is that the flare trousers are super democratic and values any kind of body, being perfect for women more built for comfort and even lower. The motive? It harmonizes the silhouette of those who have wide hips and balances the shapes of those who have larger shoulders.

Needing flare pants to call yours? Then check out my tips below to buy your no mistake!

How to use flare trousers

Elegant and feminine, flared trousers can be used in different ways at any time of the day. How about combining it with a regatta and a maxi collar for a more informal event? Or who can bet on the social flare trousers for an important work meeting? With a shirt, it looks beautiful.

Just be attentive to the length of the bar. Incidentally, when the subject is flare pants, this is my most important tip: she can’t drag on the floor, but she can’t also show the shoe too much. Ideally, the length is aligned to the jump, preferably medium.

Social flare pant at work

If your intention is to use that kind of trousers to work, my suggestion is to combine tailoring trousers with classical shirts, such as with lace collars. Thus, you gain a more formal look, without losing the style and femininity. Remember that if your flare trousers are high waist, the shirt should be on the inside, well tidy.

Pant flare jeans for the weekend

If at the time of purchase, you opt for flare jeans, keep in mind that with it you will create more relaxed looks, so maybe you should use it at happy hour with your girlfriends, or the weekend with your boyfriend.

To create a well stripped look, my tip is to hold only the front part of the shirt or regatta in the trousers, leaving the back loose. This trick helps, even, to hide the belly or the big butt. Good, huh? And when you hit that hurried-kid colder, how about you throw a blazer on top? Just watch the length. He must end at the hip and be well delineated to the body.

With a fun T-shirt and a maxicolar, you still assemble a super cool production, which gets even prettier if you throw a maxi vest on top. The secret is to assemble different looks according to your style. You can rely on: flare trousers, mainly jeans, gives you plenty of freedom to assemble different productions using the same piece.

Flare stamped for those who have personality

To not make the look exaggerated, the best is always to combine your flared trousers with a top of the color of one of the prints. There’s no mistake! And the darker the color of the blouse, the better, so you just draw attention to a region of the body.

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