How to Boiled Corn – I have to admit that corn is on my list of “foods that do not taste like”.

Is that the smell of cooked corn is incredibly delicious (who does not like it ??) and then, when you take the first bite, the taste is not all that. It is only when you get there in the dish that is trapped in the spike that the desire to “smell” is satisfied.

Even though it’s not as good as the smell, the corn with a melted butter and a little salt is delicious. It pays to spend 5 meters of floss afterward.

When I lived in the United States, I discovered that Americans love to put half a corn on the plate, as an accompaniment to fish and meat, especially. I found it very funny at first (I was 16, I thought it was really funny) but I got used to it and I’m going to confess that I adopted the habit forever.

Cooked Corn Recipe


8 corn husks peeled (some supermarkets sell the corn already ready to go to the pot, which is very practical.If you have to buy them in the cob, we will have to have just a little patience with the dirt but it will Just pull the bark back and pluck out, without fear of being happy.Also remove the beautiful brown hair from the corn, all of them.)

1 teaspoon of salt (if you do not put a lot of water, as I will explain later, this measure will be enough.) You can also adjust it next time if you think it was too much or too little. it’s good to put a little salt to season more.)

Butter to taste (At the time of eating the corn, you will pass in the amount you want.) Type butter on the toast, recognize? Including butter is optional, if you do not want it, do not put it!)

Method of preparation:

Use a large pan, so the spikes fit well. You can cut them in half too, just cut with the knife on a board.

You do not have to fill the entire pot of water that even corn vendors do. They should do this to prevent the water from evaporating and ending all of it. Yeah, because they should spend that many hours with that same pot on the street, do not you think? Or is it to ensure that the corn will stay warm?

The corn cooks very well in the steam, so you do not have to fill with water until you cover the spikes. A 5 cm should be sufficient (understand? Fill the water pan until the height reaches about 5 cm).

Put the salt and the spikes. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes, with the pan covered (since we want the steam!). If you put the corn in boiling water, you can even cook faster, so keep an eye on it!

To see if the corn is well cooked, stick a spike with a fork. If it’s soft, it’s ready.

To serve, simply take the spigot out of the water (let it drip a bit over the pan before putting it on the plate) and season with salt and butter.

It is also very tasty to use freshly ground black pepper or another seasoning that you like, like green odor and grated Parmesan cheese.

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