Every human body have heart, lungs, and liver. Those of all are very important and luckily we have some pairs of ribs that keep them safe. The ribs have a function like a bone that cage around the chest.It’s easy to feel the bottom of this ribs by groping along the sides and in front of the body, a few inches below the heart. When we breathe deeply, we can easily feel our ribs in front of our body. There are three kinds of ribs, true ribs, fake ribs and floating ribs.

Every ribs have a different function. We think that all of the ribs have same function in that way. But, it is totally different when we see it carefully.

floating ribs

The first ribs, it is true ribs, it has a function to keep our lungs. Because of our lungs is so tender, so it needs to safe by our bone such a fake ribs exist in front of it.

The second is fake ribs. After our lungs, there is a heart in the middle of our lungs. Like our lungs, our heart also so tender. So, if this heart is not protected by the bones, it will be appear and sensitive when it is touched. The last is floating ribs, it has a different function also. This kind of ribs can protected our liver and kidney when we have to move. Our kidney and liver are so tender and sensitive. If this part of our body is hit by something dense, it will be crockery easily.

From the explanation above prove that every parts of our body are so important for us in living in the world. We know that our bones such true ribs, fake ribs and floating ribs, kidney, lungs, heart, and liver have their own function to complete our live. There are many people who live with their disability.

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