Kitchen appliance packages Lowes are widely sold now there are various shapes, colors, and materials. Especially for materials, some are made of metal, ceramic, glass and others .. What difference does it make and which one should we choose? Is there a safer material than any other material? As a general guide, choose a cookware of quality material made of thick metal that can withstand high fire temperatures. Below is a note on examples of the type of materials or materials from the common kitchen appliances we use. Choose what suits your needs to support the best results of your cooking.

Aluminum has the advantage of spreading the heat well, it’s just aluminum will easily wear out. In addition, cooked food using aluminum pans will change color, such as eggs, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and grapes. If you choose a plain aluminum pan, choose a thick one. Being to clean it, do not use strong soap or leave scratches. Copper cooking device of good quality if the type used is made of thick copper. It’s just that in the absence of a lead coat or anti-stain metal (stainless steel), copper can damage cooked food ingredients, especially foods with high acid content. Copper tools should always be kept clean and when used. Choose a device that has a stainless steel coating that is easy to clean and durable in addition to safe for cooking any ingredients.

Stainless steel appliances do not react to cooked food, always look clean and scratch resistant for a long time. The price of stainless steel tools is also affordable and not difficult to clean. Unfortunately, this tool has a low heat conductor, automatic for the metal layer was reduced; consequently the dish is easy to burn, and also the heat is uneven. To overcome this, cooking with lots of oil is the solution. A stainless steel pan with a combination of copper or aluminum coating on the inside can be the solution, and make it a favorite device.

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