Play-Dough Touch App & Shape to Life Studio

Play-Dough Touch App & Shape to Life Studio

PLAY-DOUGH TOUCH SHAPE TO LIFE STUDIO playset is available at most major retailers worldwide and (Subject to availability).   HOW DO I START PLAYING WITH THE PLAY-DOUGH TOUCH APP? Download the PLAY-DOUGH TOUCH app on your compatible smartphone. Find a well-lit area with a flat play surface. To start is easy: • SHAPE a … Read more

5 Tips To Make The Hairstyle Last Longer

Hairstylist teaches simple tricks to keep the look longer and avoid that at the end of an event your look is totally different for women hairstyle. When a woman makes a hairstyle, whether for day to day, a business meeting, to go out at night, to go to a party or event, the biggest concern … Read more

10 Tips for Organizing Makeups

How do you take care of your make items? Do you have everything tidy up or does it kinda get thrown in a drawer? If you are a fan of the second option, how about taking some time just to organize makeup ? In addition to keeping the space in order, organizing make you have … Read more

Benefits of drawing

Drawing is not an attitude that should be confined to art classes or the children’s world. According to the website of Abra (Brazilian School of Art and Design), drawing is a relaxing activity, but it has countless benefits. For example, drawing enhances the individual’s self-esteem, manual ability, and visual perception. The professor and director of … Read more

Tips Painting with Paint Tools SAI

Many people have asked me about digital painting techniques on social networks, and so I decided to do this posting with some of the videos that helped me when I was starting to practice. I’ve collected videos ranging from beginner to advanced. If you’ve always wanted to paint digitally and to this day did not … Read more