Instagram. Suspicious Accounts Will Need to Present Identification

Instagram. Suspicious Accounts Will Need to Present Identification

Instagram announced that it will begin to apply more measures to eliminate fake accounts on the social network, indicating that it will now ask suspicious pages to present an identification document. “This includes accounts potentially involved in coordinated false behavior, or when we see that the majority of someone’s followers are from a country other … Read more

What is Olive?

In referring to olives, it can be said that the olive oil is made from that fruit that is edible, coming from a tree that is called an olive tree. Olive oil is a valuable prop for food and an inseparable companion of humans since the early civilizations of the Mediterranean basin to date. Olive … Read more

Tips for looking beautiful in photos

Do not just rock in the wedding, everyone wants to shine in the photos too. So here are some tips to look beautiful in every picture: – Relax the jaw and place the tongue in the bottom of the sky of the mouth. This helps to reduce the “gills”; – Still to reduce the “gills” … Read more

Benefits of drawing

Drawing is not an attitude that should be confined to art classes or the children’s world. According to the website of Abra (Brazilian School of Art and Design), drawing is a relaxing activity, but it has countless benefits. For example, drawing enhances the individual’s self-esteem, manual ability, and visual perception. The professor and director of … Read more

Meet the new Ryzen Pro, AMD processors for notebooks and PCs

AMD announced last Monday (14) seven new Ryzen Pro processors, intended primarily for desktop and notebook professional profile. The models are divided into four desktop products and three laptop versions, all with second-generation architecture and integrated Vega graphics processor – which strengthens products against competitors’ Intel options. The manufacturer also talked about the development of … Read more

What is Tumblr? its Blog?

Tumblr is a popular blogging platform around the world that serves as space for bloggers to share videos, images, music, text, and a lot of gifs – with a social networking footprint, of course, including even the famous tanned Facebook. On the platform, each user has their own page/blog, which has a customizable design with … Read more