Shaving is a necessary activity that men usually do in the morning. Selecting the right electric shaver for skin is inevitable. It is crucial to prevent skin irritation or even razor bumps. Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor is the best choice you can pick. Just read this following article to find more about it.

Reasons Why Self Cleaning Electric Razor is Best for Your Skin

Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor is produced with high technology to ensure its users can shave more comfortably. The technology applied enables you to get better result of shaving compared to the other shaver products. Here are some reasons why you should use the Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor for your daily shaving.

Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor

1. Best for Sensitive Skin

Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor is suitable the most for you with sensitive skin. This shaver is designed with special technology to enable you perform better technique of shaving. Unlike the other electric shaver, the Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor doesn’t draw heat toward its heat. This is why this electric shaver doesn’t cause inflammation or irritation to your skin.

2. Enables You to Conduct Both Wet and Dry Shaving

Some people prefer to have wet shaving by applying gel or foam on face. It is because the gel or foam can reduce the risk of irritation while shaving. But some other people tend to prefer dry shaving since it is practical. The Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor can do both for you. But whatever your choice is, make sure that you don’t push too hard.

3. Using Advanced Technology

The Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor uses advanced technology. The technology applied in this electric shaver can automatically adapt to the beard density and can capture more hair in one stroke. It also can produce extra power when it is needed.

4. Closer and Gentle Electric Shaver

Braun shaver provides ultra – thin foil that is placed in between skin and the super – sharp blade to protect your skin.

How to Clean the Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor

After knowing about the benefits of using the Braun Self Cleaning Electric Razor, you should know how to clean and look after your electric shaver so it will last longer.

1. Cleaning Braun shaver is easy. All you need to do is just push the button available in the shaver. It will instantly clean, dry, and charge your shaver as the Braun shavers are completed with Clean&Charge cleaning tool.

2. Despite cleaning it with the cleaning device available in the shaver, you can also clean it manually. Just use standard liquid soap and put the shaver under running hot water. The shaver will clean quickly.

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