GlobalConnexUse of CCTV In general, it is used to detect all occurrences where we want to monitor, even to the farthest places, without having to be there, so that all situations can be monitored and controlled.

The following are some of the functions and benefits of CCTV cameras from GlobalConnex.

  1. Supervision and security

CCTV cameras are mostly used by certain people for surveillance purposes. CCTV cameras can monitor any incident that can be reached, for 24 hours non-stop. With CCTV you can see what happened during 24 hours.

The use of CCTV at the bank is used to monitor crime by robbers, if the crime happens, you can see the perpetrator’s face from the CCTV record. On the highway, CCTV cameras are used by the transportation agency to monitor the state of the road and activities that occur along the highway.

It can also be used to view criminal acts occurring on the highway, so that police can prevent the same crime that takes place on the streets.

  1. Monitoring activities at home

For some people, installing CCTV cameras is mandatory especially if the area of ​​the house is less secure. CCTV cameras are used by several people to monitor the circumstances that occur around the house. In addition, some homeowners install CCTV Cameras to keep an eye on their children’s activities to be safe and monitored.

  1. Remote Control

CCTV cameras GlobalConnex can also be used to monitor activity remotely. For example, branch offices in pairs of some CCTV to be monitored from headquarters. Monitoring is performed to see what employee activity or events are happening in the branch office.

CCTV technology today allows you to view CCTV recordings from your own personal gadget. So you can easily control your CCTV camera with your own gadget /

  1. Employee Performance Observation Tool

In office buildings, CCTV cameras are often used to analyze the performance of employees in the office. You can see the performance of your employees whether it is optimal or there are employees who are not serious in working or doing other things while working, this is all you can find out from the CCTV recordings.

Proven if the use of CCTV cameras in office buildings can improve employee performance because employees feel supervised during work.

  1. CCTV Benefits for Traffic Control

CCTV cameras mounted on red lights and busy intersections will provide information for traffic officers. It can also be combined with sensors that can capture vehicles that violate the maximum speed limit while recording proof images along with the date and time of the incident. According to a study in 2004, showed a decrease in the number of vehicle accidents in almost all red light intersections. Also the accidents caused by drivers who broke through the red lights decreased after the installation of CCTV cameras GlobalConnex.

  1. Benefits of using CCTV in School

Generally junior and senior high schools install video surveillance systems to prevent vandalism, monitor student activities to avoid fights, violations of school rules or theft. Most schools install video surveillance equipment to help students focus on their studies and not have to worry about violence outside of school. Cameras are generally placed near entrances, alleys, stairs, public areas and parking lots monitored 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

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