aoc ultrawide monitorAOC is surely not as big as other brands such as Samsung, Asus, and LG, but this company does have a wide variety of ultrawide monitors that are worth checking out. To make it easier for the customers to decide which type of monitor to buy, AOC divided their products into 3 categories; Creative, Gaming, and Corporate. The ones in the Corporate category are ultrawide monitors suitable for work. So the customers for this category are mostly corporate that buy monitors for their office. While the ones in the Gaming category, are built specifically for gaming. So they are not only capable of producing high-quality images but also has some additional features that boost gaming experience. The third category, the Creative are monitors built for people who want to enjoy the best immersive media experience on their PC.

For people who are really into gaming, the AOC 35-inch Gaming Monitor is definitely worth checking out. This monitor has a curved panel, which will immerse gamers in the virtual world of their game. The color rendering is incredible, and it has all necessary features for the ultimate gaming experience, such as 4ms Response Time, support for NVIDIA G-Sync, FlickerFree technology, LowBlue Mode, and more. And here’s the most interesting part about this curved AOC ultrawide monitor. For a 35-inch curved monitor designed for gaming, the $900.00 price is really affordable. Other models from competitors with 35-inch diagonal are mostly being sold for around $1200.00. The only cheaper competitor is Dell’s U3415W at $800.00 but there’s a slight difference in size because that one is 34-inch.

AOC has several excellent ultrawide monitors for its corporate customers. The I3288VWH6, for example, is a 32-inch IPS FULL HD screen with 1920×1080 FULL HD Resolution, 5ms Response Time, ClearVision Technology, and Anti-Blue Technology. This monitor is perfect for any kind of office. The company’s tagline for this particular model is “born to be the perfect supermodel.”

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