Feeding your cat

They say you are what you eat – well, the same goes for cats. If you’re filling your cat’s bowl considering fatty biscuits, high-carb meals, and other junk foods, there’s a strong unintentional that you could soon be caring for an overweight feline.

With advice on changing your cat’s food through to spotting following a diet is working, our guides have been intended to be as informative, nevertheless simple, as possible. appropriately if you’re looking to find out more about keeping the weight off or usefully hope to learn very nearly the kinds of food available, Pets at home have got you and your cat covered!

Why Nutrition is therefore Important

Just behind humans, a well-balanced diet is, in reality, important to cats too. following conditions such as joint pain, diabetes and even depression aligned following poor nutrition, there’s always something worth reading in our online guides.

From kittens through to older cats, it’s important to know how your cat’s age can impact upon its diet. Thankfully, we’ve even devised some guides to back you drive your cat’s dietary scheme through the years – meaning you and your feline can acquire incite to playing rather than heartbreaking not quite the neighboring meal, treat or biscuit! Source: pets.webmd.com

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