The first point to consider is that any undertaking demands an immense dose of planning and management, so the more complex the business you intend to assemble, the larger will be the volume of data and decisions that should be taken, greater risk, longer and consequently. Bigger investment.

Among so many options in the feeding area choose to assemble a fried chicken is already a happy choice we see why:

  1. The first reason is the fact that at the moment there is a growing trend in this market, there is a market wave facing fried chicken and several “players” are surfing on it;
  2. Certainly selling fried chicken requires fewer suppliers, employees, and definition of operations that assemble a diner, pizzeria or anything else of the genre;
  3. With good production planning and proper handling of products there will virtually no losses or need to create a reutilization routine, very common issues in restaurants;
  4. It is more difficult to make a bad fried chicken than to hit a product point and palate accepted by the vast majority of customers;
  5. With a few and good suppliers, with a well-trained and committed personnel, the amount of staff needed to “play” a store is very small, it can be restricted to 6 or 7 people;
  6. Whereas the call for purchase is preferred in the nighttime it is possible that in addition to the sale of fried Chicken The “owner” may have another activity during the day, either work, leisure or study aimed at improving;
  7. Finally, the best, the contribution margin on each product sold is very large, face the characteristics of the operation pointed above, and can reach 5 times the direct cost of the product, so better than any other commercial segment.

So the question is, “What do you need to set up a fried chicken?”

The Jet chicken operates in the fried chicken segment for more than 27 years, has 23 franchised shops and one, knows the market and operates the day-to-day operation, which makes all the difference.

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