The smile is our main ally. He is responsible for conveying our joy, our happiness, and empathy.

See 6 Steps that will help you smile more and better!

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The first thing to do is schedule an evaluation. Each clinic has its procedure.

List and Tell Your Needs to the Doctor

We have already spoken here on the blog about the importance of being treated with care and respect at the time of evaluation for dental treatment. So tell the doctor who is evaluating you.

Do not be afraid or ashamed, after all, you are seeking a treatment.
List your difficulties earlier and explain the doctor one by one.
For example, is it difficult to chew? Is your speech good? What has gotten you upset about your teeth?
Want a more beautiful and elegant smile? If your concern is exclusively aesthetic, that’s fine. Explain how you would like your smile to be.
This stage of conversation is technically called ANAMNESIS. It is in her that the dentist in Curitiba of Odonto Brazil is available to listen to their expectations and mainly their difficulties.

Make X-Rays and Exams

After the Assessment, the doctor will direct you to the x-ray and any tests he deems necessary. Again it is important to say that each clinic has its procedure. At Odonto Brasil, you will take the necessary exams to present a reliable diagnosis so that you are totally sure of what will happen.

Listen to the Diagnosis and understand the Solution, which will be your Treatment Plan

With the exams ready, the doctor will talk to you and will show you:

What is your diagnosis? Sometimes you may think you need a dental implant, but who knows there are other solutions for you.
What is the ideal dental treatment plan for your case ? Did you know that in addition to several types of treatment, your health history directly influences the type of solution that should be adopted?

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