From Outback and Coca-Cola to the numbers that reveal the power of consumers in the favelas: check out the week’s news on Marketing

Check out the main news in the world of Marketing and Advertising last week:

New snacks – Outback Brazil has released three new burgers on its menu, but for a limited time. The novelties are inspired by the tidbits of the house, such as the famous blooming ‘onions.

Against abuse – A group of publicists has created a campaign to combat abuse of women on public transport. The action brings posters that can be downloaded for free and then printed and posted.

Less plastic – Coca-Cola has created a national campaign to announce the return of returnable plastic bottles. The idea is to help the environment and also the consumer’s pocket. A promotion allows you to put caps and an empty bottle in exchange for a full bottle.

Consumers – Research has shown that the consumption potential of Brazilian favelas is a billionaire. The study shows the main sectors and potential of the ten largest communities in the country. source:

Proof Beer – An Adidas decided to get in on the Munich beer festival. The company launched the “M√ľnchen Made In Germany” line, a special edition based on the event. The sneakers are liquid-proof: water, beer, vomit.

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